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In order to develop a proper relationship between the management and the employees in a particular firm, adequate preparation for an HR negotiation is a crucial technique. Therefore, in the case of District 273, as the HR manager, I would prepare for the negotiation by gathering information about the industries that employ the workers while I created operating plans. By going through the results of the previous contract, I will also start the negotiations with the District 273 Teachers' Association. According to Budd (2012), the development of tactics for persuading the workforce to accept certain offers in a company depends on the availability of adequate data and a careful examination of the outcomes of the preceding agreements. During the negotiation with the District 273 Teachers Association's representatives, I will apply the distributive bargaining strategies, which involves the presentation of terms that ensure that either of the negotiating parties loses while other person wins. According to Narlikar (2014), the distributive strategy uses deceptions to help convince one of the disputants to accept the offers that another party provides. However, the distributive approach of negotiation has a setback as it demoralizes the workers hence I would cautiously apply it. I would prioritize the information concerning the various intrinsic motivations that the teachers will experience when they adopt the state's proposal concerning standardized test scores.

My negotiation strategies change suppose I am representing District 273 Teachers Association. Notably, I will apply the integrative bargaining methods to ensure that the HR manager accepts my proposals concerning the need for teachers' involvement in key decision-making processes. Furthermore, I will emphasize the need to increase the teachers' remunerations to help motivate them.


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February 14, 2023

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