human services and race

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Human service providers use the information to avoid and solve challenges in order to satisfy people's basic needs. Human service providers tend to face a variety of obstacles by targeting those ethnic communities. Understanding religious views and practices is one of the challenges. Most citizens would be happy if the norms guiding their moral perspectives are strictly followed. Second, it is important to honor the endeavors of such same people. As a result, if the activities are contradictory to the service provider's standards, he or she would persevere.

Effective Strategies to Use when Working with such Population

Providing services to a selected ethnic group requires a proper explanation of any activities. Showing favors to some people would lead to a huge downfall. But a demonstration of fairness and equality will make the individuals involved to have an interest in the services provided. Furthermore, the benefits given should be applied to all members. At any instance, all benefits should be dispatched equally (Diller, 2015). In situations where the benefits are limited, the criteria used to select the recipients should be in accordance with the law of that particular community. No individual should feel marginalized. Many people would like to consider the little acts that seem to be negligible. The service giver must be careful, especially while addressing members of a different community.

Available Services to Provide Resources

Every service provider would like to give quality resources. Looking far and beyond to find services would be much expensive. In some instances, a situation like poverty can be brought to a manageable level by creating employment opportunities. Furthermore, proper civic education about poverty eradication would result in more production.


Diller, J.V. (2015). Cultural diversity A primer for human services Stamford, Conn. Cengage Learning.

November 17, 2022

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