Insights from Interviewing BA Communication

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Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies is a four-year degree in which students are qualified to become better communicators. According to a recent alum, the curriculum continues with introductory course units in which tutors expose students to the fundamentals of conversation, and the different forms such as interpersonal, hierarchical, and intercultural communication. Furthermore, the course provides undergraduates with professional qualities such as persuasion, work-related theories, communication ethics, and public speaking. Significantly, one has to engage in a research project that serves as the beginning of demonstrating the acquired knowledge from studying communication studies.

Acquired Skills and Career Development

According to the interviewed graduate, the skills acquired from the training have been resourceful while building his career. As he works in the media industry, the graduate has realized that he developed confidence through interaction with people. At the same time, the experience in the field as a newspaper reporter has enabled him to appreciate the value of ethics. It follows that there are cases of defamation that he learnt in the university that has legal consequences if neglected. In essence, the interviewee indicates that there is a close link between what one learns in class and what transpires in the field.

The Value of Relating Training and Future Academic Prospects

By extension, the interview opened new insights into the value of relating the training and the future academic prospects. One learns that lectures are important beyond getting good grades. Therefore, it is important to take learning with solemnity and ask how the skills will be useful at work. Essentially, good communicators take their training earnestly because it is a preparation for employment. Apparently, working is not merely generating income but also ensuring that your performance is outstanding. As a future journalist, it is crucial to cultivate the power of communication and prepare to execute your duties with diligence and competence.

October 25, 2022



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