International strategy of Starbucks

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The world's leading retailer, marketer, and roaster of speciality coffee is Starbucks, an American corporation. The company employs around 180,000 people in 19,767 organization-licensed and operated outlets in sixty-two different countries. The fact that Starbucks Corporation intends to bring its tea and coffee brand to India in addition to opening 500 new outlets in China suggests that the company has a strategy in place for growing its international operations.

Companies like Starbucks operate in a system that is not entirely autonomous as a result of many settings that impact on their actions and activities. Some of the macro factors that could impact Starbucks include legislation, environment, technological, social, economic, and political. The accompanying accurate information would demonstrate the developing household espresso utilization in India, consolidated to consider related statistic factors.

Despite the fact that India is customary a tea-drinking nation, drinking coffee has turned into a basic piece of the day by day routine among individuals living in southern India. Therefore, Starbucks corporation tends to have actual quality in attracting new clients. Some conceivable systems to be considered by Starbucks with a specific end goal to keep up its market position are as per the following: procedure to recommence the Starbucks brand name, product differentiation, rewards and privilege card programs. Starbuck corporation has an effective position of expanding especially after productively ascending through the influences of economic crisis. Hence, India should be the next nation for Starbucks subsequent expansion because it offers a conducive opportunity for strategic placement, increases market share, and promises high profitability about Starbucks resources.

February 14, 2023

Business Economics

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