Introducing New Uniform for Work influence

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I am submitting here a paper entitled 'Influence of the Introduction of a New Uniform for Work' to be reviewed under my guidance in the institution.

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Figure 1: Worker Uniforms

Figure 2: Factors Influencing Use of Uniforms

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Influence of Introducing New Uniform for Work


Uniforms play an essential role in any service conducted and can have various effects on various stakeholders’ experiences. New uniform in service organizations fulfills various requirements at different stages (Fei et al.6) At the strategic stage, new uniforms create a desirable atmosphere within physical service factors to maximize social interactions and to design intangible interpersonal dynamics such as service and atmosphere. At the business level, new uniforms illustrate the corporate image for the business ecology, and it represents the distinctive organization’s culture. This factor facilitates positive effect on worker behavior and their performance than entirely influences consumer’s experiences (Tanabe et al. 19). In the operational stage, new uniform increases the design element to company’s functionality and appropriateness. On the other hand, it enhances safety on health particularly for staff working in the hospitality business environment. In some instances, uniforms are perceived as part of workers benefit packages that can influence them contribution towards work commitment, higher employee satisfaction, as well as organizational identification. There is numerous effect associated with new uniforms such as excessive cost, damage, accidents, robberies, inefficient time use and security problems (Nayak et al.17). To counter these challenges organization’s management has adopted various designs, color, and materials for new uniforms that enhance the appearance and remedy the named problems. In some context, these introduced variables fail short of controlling some serious problems associated with new uniforms hence it is recommendable that organization’s management conducts measurement assessment before purchasing or introducing new uniforms at working environment.

In various service organizations, the use of uniforms for both customers and employees are an essential part of many service expectations (Fei et al.10). Besides, individuals that wear uniforms may experience new uniforms differently thus this literature are objected to identifying the influence because of new uniform at workplaces. First, the study aims to offer an overview of the background information in modern uniform usage in various service industries. Second, the literature will examine the solutions and recommendations associated with the effect of new uniform at a workplace. On the other hand, the study will assess whether new uniforms will influence the entire job satisfaction.

Background to the Study

Multiple factors are associated with new uniforms in the working environment. These factors range from excessive cost, damage, accidents, robberies, inefficient time use to security problems. Service organization spends beyond their limit to purchase or introduce new uniforms in their work to enhance or establish brand identity (Fei et al.19). New uniforms have been associated with the creation of distinct impressions of a company, and they are a significant part of the business ecology. On the other hand, the introduction of new uniforms may cause damage on the workers' attitude where an employee may consistently complain over the introduced costume a variable that may present a negative result on the employee satisfaction. In addition, new uniforms with loose-fitting sleeves are dangerous when introduced in the working environment since the sleeves may hinder the overall performance of an employee (Nayak et al.21). Uniforms with long sleeves present employees in risks as equipment may pull them and cause an accident. Well-designed and expensive uniforms are capable of triggering theft mindset on the employee who may plan a robbery event to acquire the uniforms (Tanabe et al. 25). Due to the limited working hours, employees may develop a feeling that the time they use the uniform is inadequate. Employees in uniforms and with a cynical mind can decide to steal from a client prospecting that the consumer cannot distinguish the worker from the rest.

I contend that new uniforms in working environment only influences the organization in a negative way but also new uniform contain massive advantages towards employee satisfaction. In any organization new uniforms enhance security, brand, saves time, and cost as well as reduce workplace accidents, therefore, understanding how these factors are facilitated by the introduction of new uniforms. This report plays an essential role in achieving these objectives.

According to Yang (7) introduction of new uniforms to workplace decreases the expenditure of workplace clothing at the lowest level. The author states that in the contest of wearing the similar thing on a daily basis or choosing among a few options eliminates the demand to buy a large number of different clothing to facilitate or maintain attires worn on a daily basis.

Figure 1: Worker Uniforms

The report showed that workers using specific attires for work only purchase few pieces of uniform items. The literature also argued that most uniforms are merely washed and wear, which saves employee’s money on dry cleaners. Yang (11) stated that uniforms for work could be both high cost and high-value proportion particularly for organizations like food service and small shipping in that those workers who require uniform are more than those who do not have this requirement. In general, organizations objects work uniform to relieve them from the cost with some organization offering a clothing allowance. Finally, workers have strong incentives to maintain uniform cost at a low level because the business advantages are too massive to eliminate these expenses.

On the other hand, the establishment of new uniforms is a factor that saves time. According to Moore and Viscusi (13), it is clear that options regarding the type of clothes to use for work are limited, and this makes the preparation time little while the process is easier and faster. The author states that employees save time, particularly in the morning preparing for work, as they do not require any moment to think about what to wear on that day. In addition, introducing new uniforms may require a lot of time in the selection of color, design, and material that the uniform will resume. As well, more time is taken on measuring the sizes of employees to confirm their actual fitting size. However, these factors are minimal and have a less significant impact on the organization schedule.

Figure 2: Factors Influencing Use of Uniforms

As stated by Moore and Viscusi (15) introduction of new uniforms is an important feature to include in an organizational security strategy. The author argued that employees dressed in uniform appear similar in manner and identical. These variables make it easy for visitors, customers and other employees to identify them and distinguish them from those who do not work in the company. Different types of uniforms distinguish those workers working in the security department from those working in other sectors. Besides, employees may take this feature to take advantage of their clients in that consumers may not tell in particular which employee committed a particular crime.

According to Irzmańska and Emilia (7), introducing uniform enhances policy consistency in that the process of investigating whether workers attire meets the expectation of organizational dress code is more accessible than when individuals are left to select their outfit. The author argues that managers do not have to utilize their judgment to assess if workers are in attires that illustrates an appropriate level of professionalism. The report stated that the features lead to consistency in decisions about proper workplace uniform. Another literature revealed that establishing new uniform enhances branding in that they feature a company’s colors and logos that facilitate the building of organization’s brand. Irzmańska and Emilia (10) stated that wearing uniform makes the employees become walking billboards and the increasing visibility resulting from worker’s attire significantly strengthens the organization’s image and increases brand recognition.


This report acknowledges that there is excessive cost, damage, accidents, robberies, inefficient time use and security problems associated with introducing new uniforms in the working environment. On the other hand, the results show that new uniform enhances service experiences by encouraging professionalism and facilitating brand recognition. It is evident that consumers believe that an organization is massively reputable and cares about its workers if they are wholly uninformed. There are multiple solutions can be applied to remedy negative variables related to the new uniform establishment.

To remedy excessive cost used to buy uniform a company should consider buying or renting uniforms. If the company decides to invest for the long-term renting of uniforms is the best choice. When a company has a suitable uniform rental collaborate it will save more resources that will be used to cater for other expenditures. On the other hand, if an organization gives priorities in short-term expenditure, uniform buying is inexpensive. In this context, uniform buying will not include repairs, cost-effective design, cleaning, and add-ons.

Concerning security, personal protective, and safety clothing ensures that workers are in best health security. When buying uniforms, one should consider durable, comfortable, and fire- retardant uniform that enhances visibility. Fire-retardant are tested thoroughly to ensure that workers are well protected. Lab coats, aprons, and grooves keep employees safe when dangerous items cannot be eliminated from the work environment. On the other hand, to remedy damage on workers' attitude caused by the introduction of new uniforms, it is advisable that managers should consult employees on the color, material, and design of the targeted uniform before introducing it in the workplace. This will reduce consistent complain about the established uniform and control the negative result on the employee’s satisfaction. To control robbery associated with uniforms organization need to invest heavily in surveillance equipment such as CCTV that monitors employee movements. Additionally, employers should make sure they have limited the access route to uniform’s stores and always ensure that doors are locked, and only the authorized personnel are allowed. Some studies show that several companies only allow their workers to use their uniforms only when at work and this makes the time to use the uniform inefficient. To control the issue of time, it is advisable that companies permit their employees to use the uniform in and out of the organization.

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