Sex and Relationship Aspect

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The paper is about sexual aspects that make it beneficial to the partners in a relationship. The article focuses primarily on love between couples brought on by sex. The authors' study showed that couples experiencing satisfying sex once a week were happier than those experiencing the same sex once a month. The primary ingredient behind sex-happiness according to the authors is the positive effect of high emotions (Debrot et al.). In addition, partners who experience connections as a result of sex end up having long term relationships full of satisfaction (Whitbourne). When affection is maintained even if sexual activity is reduced, couples are not affected by the adverse effects of lowered sexual activity because affection will still be present.

Primary, Secondary or Tertiary Source

This article is a secondary source as Susan who is the author interprets the original study by AnikDebrot about the relationship between sex and relationships. Therefore, the article is a secondary source as it is not based on the author’s original ideas.

Reason for Choosing the Article

One of the primary reasons for choosing the article is based on the fact that it offers insightful information on sex and relationships. I consider the information provided on the topic essential to my relationship as it promotes a stronger as well as more positive connection between couples and provides various ways in which couples enhance their relationship or rather re-establish their sexual relationship.

Intended Audience

This article is intended for people in relationships, particularly married couples. Moreover, I feel the article it is also aimed at young couples above the age of 23 as well as individuals around the same age and in the verge of finding the right partner to start a relationship. One way of telling this is based on the topic of discussion which is “sex and relationship,” a topic I find suitable for adults only, especially those in relationships.

Lesson Learnt

From the article, I learnt that fulfillment in relationships is dependent on a variety of factor and ultimately the physical nature of interactions is essential as it plays a strong and powerful role. Therefore, sex is not only beneficial to relationships because of its hedonic and physiological effects but also because to a great extent it promotes a positive and stronger connection between couples. However, as long as people in relationships maintain high levels of affection towards each other, it is possible for couples to offset the potentially adverse consequences of lowered sexual activity. Couples that are drifting apart, hence, having limited sexual activity can also work on their physical affection toward each other such as through touching, kissing and hugging can aid in re-establishing their sexual relationship.


One of the biases evident is based on the fact that the article relies solely on the findings of Debrot et al. Therefore, it fails to take into account the results of other researchers on the topic. Moreover, it also fails to discuss some of the counter arguments to the theory brought forward by Debrot et al.

Evaluation of Article

In conclusion, the information provided in the article can be considered as valid as it is based on the research findings after a well-conducted investigation carried out by Anik Debrot and colleagues. Information provided by the article is crucial to couples as it provides information on ways of making relationships stronger.


Debrot, A., Meuwly, N., Muise, A., Impett, E. A., & Schoebi, D. (2017). More Than Just Sex: Affection Mediates the Association Between Sexual Activity and Well-Being. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 43(3), 287-299. doi:10.1177/0146167216684124

Whitbourne,K.S. (2017). The Secret Reason That Sex Is So Good for Your Relationship. Psychology Today. Retrieved From:

October 20, 2021


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