Islamic Art

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A museum label is valued as a diverse unique way of doing something by full utilization of certain resources to come up with a creative artwork generated from the environment artifacts generated by a range of human activities. Islamists associate differently with works of museum labels and human activities efforts to create visual artifacts as a cultural symbols works of art that a community identifies its originality natives in architectural perspective. The museum label, History of black people share similar aspects of history just like the piece of the Blue Lady by Bearden (Hoptman, 89). The two works of a museum label uncover certain real imageries of some occurrences in America. The reason unveils some aspects of Islamic culture which are important even today. In our societies, we associate different works of architectures and human activities efforts to create visual architecture facts as cultural symbols works of architecture that a community identifies its originality natives from a certain perspective.

            The human figures used in the Islamic artwork uses imagery to represent the society. Variety kinds of human figures that are eminent showed or measured using different colors, sizes, lengths contrast that is able to clearly hit the wide range of existing of thing and to what extent is each unique from the rest or simple how diverse an object is? Human figures capitalize on the use of gradual repetition movements /change to bring the condition or nature of similarity in monumental architecture. Variety is a unique human figure brought about by the existence of component like different shapes, different colors, different sizes and shapes that make us appreciate diverseness and uniqueness of things. Movement is a piece of artwork we normal have signals that demonstrate to us a create a feeling of action to the person who is reviewing architecture work.

How are women portrayed?  How are men portrayed?

            The Islamic faith respects men more than women.  The women are used in arts which show the normal house chores such as taking care of children, cooking or doing the routine duties.


Figure 1: Mughal emperor painting

            The figure above shows the daily activities in the Islamic faith. The drawing is classified as codice. The drawing was done by Indian Poet knew as Amir Dihlavi. The drawing shows a king with a slave girl.  This shows how the men treated the poor women in the society.  The Islamic faith embraced men. The King was allowed to misuse the beautiful slave girl. The King entices the girl with different forms of materials such as the horses and material things. The King had messengers who never respected the women according to the Islamic culture.

            What is calligraphy, and why does it play a special role in Islamic art?

            Calligraphy is handwritten lettering. It involves the use of hands to decorate the lettering patterns. Most of the Islamic art does not involve the lettering.  The drawings do not need the letters or words to make the decorations.  They involve the use of the paintings to come up with the artwork. Hence, the lettering in Islamic art does not play an important role. These tend to be knowledgeable on fabrics, materials, basic of furniture design in designing and architecture value to improve artwork value of a place. They are known to always come up with eco-friendly green artwork design to always strike and environmental friendless e.g. by designing building energy effective artwork designs to strike environmental friendly green designs (Hoptman, 34). They embark on achieving a space that is effective engaging and harmonious to people living around. They design parking, neighborhoods, greenery, and walkways of public space. Gives the city its shape and sense of artwork organization of different field specialties             They fully understand the industrial processes taking place and are strategically able to allocate every building component of industry adjacent it tit functionality. Freehand drawing is artwork where you pick only the pencil and paper and try to sketch out your ideas with much accuracy and also document you way brain thoughts.

            How are non-figurative forms like geometric patterns used in this art?

            The non-figurative forms are used in the art to make the drawings appealing and symbolize certain aspects of the art. The geometry plays an important role in making the art have contrast and color rhythm.  For example, an Islamic drawing of a Quran uses different colors in tandem to make the book appealing to the human eye.

            The principle of geometric patterns equilibrium works best by the essence of harmonizing the use of repetition on architecture works and frequent subtle gradual changes in an effort to strike a state of equilibrium where stability is enhanced instability in a task of art. In drawing we normal art by sketching, giving us time to advance choice of area of interest and transform little by little as we go far. Color has a different variety of existing characters that make us appreciate different components of a color. The magnitude in which any of the characteristics tenders to appear is always an influencing critical fact of the general overview of the perspective of how we see the color and tender to like it. The different characteristics of color displays proportionality on the principles of architecture in a relationship of certain existing elements and their co-existence. In efforts to achieve either symmetrical or asymmetrical stability of work of architectures, we create careful placement of different principles of architecture which are evidently distinguished by the 3 exiting characteristics of color which are: hue, Chroma, and value. Chroma has been the measure of intensity or saturation of a specific color is not predominantly known as obviously as hue is.

Figure 2: The moon visiting Gemini Artwork

The above figure shows the non-figurative forms of artwork. It illustrates the zodiac signs. All people view different color uniquely according to their brain ability to explain the existence of a specific color. All these possible colors, amongst yellow, red, orange lies in a likelihood hue of one mistaking each for the other. Lightness or darkness of a color is known as a value which is basically the tendency of whiteness or blackness of color toward the influence of dullness of something.

            What kinds of material objects are decorated in Islamic cultures?

            The central task of architectural drawing is representing three-dimensional forms, constructions, and spatial environments on a two-dimensional surface.  Three distinct types of drawing systems have evolved over time to accomplish this mission: multiview, paraline, and perspective drawings. Nevertheless, these visual systems of representation constitute a formal graphic language that is governed by a consistent set of principles. A drawing that represents a feature of the world on a map. Symbolic drawing uses a symbol of a place and inside it, you prescribe your progress. Virtual reality process of trying to train the computer to assist and make logic as a human being.


Figure 3: Tiny Quran

The materials used in the decorations of the Quran utilizes the principle of calligraphy. The materials used have exuberant illumination.  The materials were first used in Turkey by Master Shaikh Abdullah. The well-rounded letters form the best vertical strokes which from the art.

            What is not depicted in Islamic religious art?

            There was a rise of different artists who came up with their original works in the field of art. Balance is the science of bringing equilibrium or state of equal-ness in the arrangement or grouping of the elements together is certain manner other been During the 20th century, so many changes in the field of architecture were experienced. The aspects of culture and history are used to show the multiplicity of the African American experience in the works of architecture. In his piece, the Blue lady, Bearden makes use of the social realistic imagery in which he paints the piece in an attempt to uncover several cultural aspects. The reason why I would use his architecture stir work in my home is that it highly reflects on the social aspects of society.

            In our societies, we associate different works of architectures and human activities efforts to create visual artifacts as a cultural symbols works of architecture that a community identifies its originality natives in architectural perspective. A point is basically a foundation point that Imagination is built upon and in this case the line of the propelling ideas of the built up ideas to other points on this surface of architecture.

            The artwork is the strategic way in which we lay an effort to plan, to decide or the matching design to the environment, the balance of patterns that we using gradation way of balancing those elements to harmonious co-existence. A point is something that gives art to build on or a position to architecture growing and nurturing our ideas from. A platform that host the initial beginning of the whole successful building up of something.

    The element of artwork includes line, shape, space, color, texture, and form which are not included in Islamic art.


Figure 4: De Materia Medica

            The artwork above shows the process of making Islamic medicine from natural herbs. The artwork uses calligraphy and writings. The artwork does not employ the contrast and symmetry of the drawing. A line is a description on a mark with a length, it can be height, diagonal, length, width thick or thin depending on the direction of extension of the mark. A line is an extension movement of points that are constantly in touch with each other. The use of a line is a basic to be used as a visual material of the are the extent of features, which is used in various forms like marks, outlines and utilizes in the visualization of output and design. The line is a continuous mark with a greater length than its width. Shapes are a reality of general enclosure of lines in a geometric design or a manner. Space is associated with an area between objects. This the emptiness felt between two features. Space is the area enclosed by a surface or filling of a depth of illusion. It is the measure of contrast of the level of brightness of a surface or an object.

             Here the general assumption is the black is used as a tool makes a surface darker and white is used to measure contrast in a unique way of making it whiter. These are some of the governing principles that are used in the classification of someones taste bud on the preference of a certain color, or surface as it directly matching and defines their taste buds.

Works Cited

Hoptman, Laura J., and NY) Museum of Modern Art (New York. The Forever Now: Contemporary Painting in an Atemporal World. Vol. 184. Museum of Modern Art, 2014.

November 13, 2023


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