Kia Motors' Advertisement for the New Kia Cadenza

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The advertisement makes strategic use of plain folks appeal to effectively capture the audience attention while informing them on the value of the brand being advertised. This is then coupled with a good balance of logos, ethos, and pathos that interplay to not only capture the attention of the audience but also evoke emotions necessary for making purchase decisions. By showing th car as being stolen more than three times by people from diverse cultures and aliens, for example, the advertisement manages to effectively create a feeling of value and treasure. It effectively manages to inform the consumer that they should also have a piece f what everybody else wants.

At the start of the advertisement, pathos is creatively used to make the audience see the value of the product being advertised and respond to it (Studio binder , 2018). As expected, everybody respects the police and expects that the police would act in accordance with the law. In this case, however, the police is unable to bear the sight of a passenger driving the car and ends up chaining the owners of the cars so that he can enjoy the ride. This brings forth a feeling of “too comfortable that the police couldn`t hold himself.” This is also evident as the police is displayed as smiling while driving the vehicle that he just “stole” from innocent road users. The use of pathos is further emphasized by the reactions given by the different groups as the car arrives at their territories. The aliens, for example, are said to exist in other planets, but in this case, they appeal to save a car that has been stolen, only for the audience to realize later that it's not a rescue but rather a new theft. Simply put, such displays evoke an emotional response where the audience feel more attracted to the product. These scenes make the audience feel that such is a valuable asset that one would do anything to own.

Logos, on the other hand, are used to give an appeal to reason by using a magnificent display of th car features (Sciefellbein, 2017). When the police have stolen the car, the comfort feature is expressed by the police` impression of the car. This is then followed by an outside look where the car`s outside color and tire features are elegantly displayed as the car is in motion. Also, the different terrains where the car is shown moving creates an image of efficiency in functionality. It, for example, starts in a tarmacked terrain, after which it goes to the alien land`s desert-like terrain and finally to a staircase where people from a traditional society are worshiping. In all these cases, however, no any breakdown challenge is experienced while the onlookers are surprised by the car`s efficiency in each case. Collectively, all these displays stir the emotion that this is not just any other car but rather a powerful car.

Finally, ethos is used to appeal to the credibility of the product. In this case, however, the audience is given the responsibility of coming up with statistics that prove that the brand is worth purchasing. This is done by ensuring that the car goes through four different environments where the ae people who can get a response to elegance, in all the four cases, however, the product is not only for but also applaud. This implies that the common person, the police, the aliens and the traditionalists acknowledge the elegance offered by KIA motors. With this, the advertiser manages to effectively convince the audience that the product has gained acceptance both inside and outside the planet (Arberdein  & Arvatu, 2018). 


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