Kiss Me Deadly

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The Protagonist: Mike Hammer

The only protagonist of the film, Mike Hammer, is introduced to the audience. Given the context and the period the film was released in, most viewers would anticipate a variety of negatives from him because he has a complicated personality. That is not the case, though, and because of his admirable qualities and humane behaviors that are evident throughout the film, he emerges as a role model.

The Theme of Selfishness

The primary character, Mike Hammer, contributes to the exploration of the selfishness subject. He is glutinous, and he exhibits this bad behavior against everyone, even those who are close to and worried about him. By doing so, he assists audiences that already have preconceived notions about persons of color in solidifying those beliefs. The selfishness of the character overwrites all the good that he does throughout the development of the plot.

The Theme of Violence and Abuse

The theme of violence and abuse also manifest themselves throughout the film. Mike Hammer implements violence in solving issues that normal conversation would have contained. By beating others, he gains satisfaction and relief. However, the audiences remain with a negative attitude regarding the character without any thoughts of the possibility of him ever doing things the right and civilized way.

The Idea of Complicated and Contradictory Personality

The movie strives to explain and elaborate the idea of complicated and contradictory personality. The imperfection of humanity is mundane, and people cannot run away from it. It is the responsibility of every individual to accept the challenges facing humans and devise methods to deal with them and overcome them whenever necessary. There exist any challenging situations that humans have to deal with and the state of mind and readiness to embrace change determine the capability of one to handle every issue with the urgency and delicacy it requires.

April 06, 2023

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