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Last Train Home is a film about a couple in China who joins 130 million Chinese on a spring festival journey to the countryside. The cry of the snow lion has been heard in Tibet. A documentary on the Chinese occupation of Tibet and its history of oppression and resistance. Tom Peosay directed the picture.

The fight to become a global economic powerhouse has left the majority of Chinese citizens in wretched poverty, while a few soar to unprecedented wealth.

The last train.

The film is important in depicting the lives of Chinese people, particularly young parents.Lixin Fan has elaborately shown that poverty in the villages, lack of jobs and the vision that young parents have, for their children to get good education to lead better lives in the future, leads them to work in factories in urban China at low wages (Ebert np).

Lixin Fan should have been more elaborate on the cause of Chen Suqin quitting her factory job as this is a rampant problem for most factory workers. They are subjected to extremely low wages in order to quit when a factory need to downsize its taskforce. Gender dynamic has been brushed off as well, When Qin’s grandmother tells her grandchildren that Yang will build them a big house, Qin feels less valued and considered incapable because of her gender (Ebert np).

Tibet Cry of The Snow Lion.

The documentary is extensive on how the Tibetan culture, their religious beliefs, their conciliation, and their human rights were oppressed and undermined by the Chinese government during the year 1949. Tom Peosay has concisely manifested the ill interest of American government and the CIA when he evidently showed us how the security group purported to be in support of the Tibetan activists while in the end they took sides with China to protect their economic and trade interests with the country. Besides the testimonies from Palden Gyatso and Ani Pachen before the U.S. Congress and the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, Tom Peosay was not conclusive on the plight of other Tibetans who were held captives and imprisoned by the Chinese. He should have advocated for more attention against the construction of rails and chain stores in Tibetan land by Chinese, which is driving more Chinese into Tibetan territory, rendering Tibetans hopeless, unemployed and in abject poverty (Kehr np).


In a bid to gain economic supremacy, China’s development moves have left most of its citizens languishing in abject poverty. It has also resulted to displacement of communities from their territories such as Tibet in order to gain space for development of infrastructure and more factories.

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April 06, 2023

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