Latina woman with severe menstrual cramping - a case study

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Awareness of Fertility

A Latina woman with terrible menstrual cramps is the subject of this case study. The woman has only had one sexual partner and has never been pregnant. Yet, her gynecologic test results show that she is healthy. The lady's first step may be to become aware of her fertility. The awareness enables her to comprehend her body's attunement to menstrual flow and other reproductive system activities, as well as how these qualities influence her well-being. Knowing her menstrual cycle allows her to regain control of her life. It becomes easier for her to understand ovulation and dysfunction in the flow and hence possible for her to plan for pregnancy when ready (Tharpe, 2013).

Treatment Options

After she becomes aware of her body, the next step is the actual treatment. Physiologic methods tend to be useful in a situation regarding massive flows. One approach is the use of the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system. The LNG-IUS comprises of a tiny plastic instrument that is placed in the womb that aids in the release of progestogen. The placement disables the lining of the uterus and also acts as a contraceptive. It is important to note that the treatment does not minimize the chances of one getting pregnant when it is no longer used (Schuiling & Likis, 2013). If a patient does not agree with the recommended method, the best approach is going through the alternatives in regards to their uses and effects while referring to the first treatment and reasons why it is the best strategy when compared to the rest. Patience and tolerance will have to be employed for the patients not to feel coerced into a treatment that they were uncomfortable with (Berghout, 2015).


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June 12, 2023

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