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The author of an article or a study in a matter of consideration must obey strict rules in relation to plagiarism, copyright laws, and referencing during the creation of any literary work, such as a journal or a novel. This paper uses two scholarly journals to illustrate how copyright, plagiarism, and referencing laws must be observed, as well as the degree to which the authors have ensured they do not violate these standards.
The Analysis of Copyright, Plagiarism, and Referencing Laws in Research
Any research performed must not be a direct copy of another study conducted by another researcher or author, according to copyright laws. For instance, the title and the topics of the research report should not be similar to those of another literary work published by another author. In the article by Arha, and Thompson (2012), the authors have explained their concepts protection of endangered species in a manner that is not similar to any other article in the same topic. Similarly, the article by Gibbs and Currie (2012) examines the research topic of protection of endangered species by the use of words such as 'Do the main legislative tools work?' which are unique, thus ensuring the article is not similar to another article.
Plagiarism law in research requires that a researcher should not reproduce words directly from another source of information. In the article by Arha, and Thompson (2012) and by Gibbs and Currie (2012), plagiarism laws have been observed by ensuring the authors use their own words in describing the concepts so that they are not similar to those from which the views have been derived.
Referencing law requires that in any research, a researcher must acknowledge any outside source of information such as ideas and concepts from other books and journals using the relevant referencing style. Examples of referencing styles can be APA or Harvard. In the article by Gibbs and Currie (2012), APA referencing style has been used to show the articles from which certain information has been obtained by citing the names of the authors and years of publication at the end or the beginning of outside information.
This paper shows that any scientific research or report must ensure Copyright law is observed by not assuming ownership of a previously produced work by another author, plagiarism law requires that a researcher should not produce consecutive words in a report in the same way they are in the reference materials, and referencing law requires that any scientific report must acknowledge the source of information presented by referencing using the right referencing style.
_x005F References
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Gibbs, K.E. and Currie, D.J., 2012. Protecting endangered species: do the main legislative tools work?. PLoS One, 7(5), p.e35730.

September 21, 2021

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