Management of Patient Recordings

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In the event of a heated debate

between the nurse and the physician over a patient who is 85 years old and on a ventilator, I would urge the two professionals to act in the patient's best interests. Patients go to health facilities and hospitals with the hopes of improving their health. As a result, if patients' health does not improve, physicians and other health care providers should not give up on them; instead, they should keep looking for new ways to assist the patient regain their health. Even though the patient was elderly, one could argue that he was not worth investing in medical examinations. Besides, the patient was also a human being, and he had all the rights to be examined again and again till his or her health resumed back to normal (Harman, 2016). Therefore, the nurse should not have questioned the actions of the physician, and instead, she should have waited to witness any changes in the health condition of the patient. Besides, the two should work together despite the history of the ailment of the patient to ensure that they have utilized all the options available for the betterment of the patient.

Therefore, healthcare providers should work around the clock

to ensure that their patients get the best Medicare. Also, the physicians should have listened to the nurse who had the knowhow of the patient records (Harman, 2016). Management of patient records as a course will equip me as a health care provider to determine the medical history of the patient and thus help in providing informed healthcare. The practice is for the betterment of the patient's well-being as the communication between them and the healthcare provider is documented in addition to professionals contributing to the patient's care. Growth chart and developmental history of children proved to be more beneficial to me as a student.


Harman, L. (2016). Ethical challenges in the management of health information. Gaithersburg, MD: Aspen Publishers.

May 24, 2023

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