Marketing Mix for McDonalds Psychopathic Segment

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McDonalds: A Multinational Food Company

McDonalds is a multinational food company that has a highly developed market. Since the brand was launched in 1955, the company has managed to build more than 33,000 outlets in 119 nations to become one of the most prominent firms in the hospitality industry. In Australia, the company has 869 branches that employ at least 90,000 workers. The success of the company is attributed to the ability of strategic managers to produce a sustainable marketing mix for each of the segments. The firm applies psychographic, behavioral, and demographic variables to identify and segment the various consumer groups. Segmentation assists in assessing the needs and expectations of the particular target market so that the product, price, physical, process, promotion, and people attributes are customized for greater satisfaction.

McDonalds and the Health Conscious Consumer

One of the pursued targets is the health-conscious consumer that is within the psychographic component. With the advent of digital technology and advocacy for a healthy lifestyle by humanitarian groups, consumers are more knowledgeable and keen on the type of foods they consume. The company identified this group and in an effort to maximize value, designed the McDonalds veggie. Although the product is yet to be processed in all the Australian outlets, the desire to offer a delicacy that meets the expectations of health-conscious consumers prompted the management to formulate a marketing mix that offers benefits to the buyer. Such intentions lead to market retention, consumer loyalty, and goodwill for a more profitable and developed business venture. The report is, therefore, an analysis of the marketing mix elements utilized by McDonalds for the psychographic segment. Marketing mix as a strategy, when adequately utilized, provides value to both the brand and the consumer for a long-lasting relationship.

September 18, 2023



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