military veterans and women Recruitment

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Due to prior discriminations that kept women from joining and working in the sectors, the ratio of female to male employees in the private sector of Mega equipment has not favored women over the past few years. The low percentage of female workers in the sectors has been attributed to unfavorable working circumstances like sexual harassment, presumptions that women are incapable, and a lack of adequate mentoring. Women's income suffers when manufacturing positions are insufficiently accessible. There are times when male-dominated jobs pay more than female-dominated employment. (Turner et al., 2006). The fact that women make up 51% of the world's populace must be understood. Therefore, it is important to put in place effective practices that empower the

recruitment of women in companies in order to rectify the situation in the field of construction (Turner et al., 2006). To effectively achieve this, the following are some of the best practices that for proper recruitment of women in this kind of industry.

The Human Resource Recruiting Team (HR), should be in the forefront in the hiring and retention of women in the company (Mitchell et al., 2001). The HR members should, therefore, be taught the importance of recruiting women in the company. The manager should ensure that all the members of the HR team should have this common vision.

The company should spread its recruiting strategy to a wider area. Covering a wider area in the advertisement of the available jobs enables the company to find many skilled female applicants. The company’s advertisement efforts should, therefore, focus on the places where women can easily be reached. For example, involving the available organizations that deals with women and websites that advertise employment programs. These determinations won’t discriminate the selection of men for the jobs, but it will enable the company to get a higher number of women who applies for the available jobs (Lee, 2004).

It is vital for a hiring company to create a working environment that has female-friendly benefits. The company’s work policy should provide for a favorable maternity leave. It should also provide other benefits that cover family planning effective prenatal care. By providing that benefit and supports women, it is easier for the company to find qualified women applicants during the employment process. Additionally, the female-friendly benefits will be able to keep the employees at the company (Barnett et al., 2005)

It is also important for companies to allow women to practice in positions of power. Enabling the representation of women in the top levels of power in the companies aids the encouragement of other women to gain interest in these fields. Therefore, the recruitment of skilled female applicants becomes much easier. Additionally, the female figures in the top managerial positions in the companies provides mentoring that the draws new female applicants into the company. Skilled and qualified women are available for recruitment. All the company’s recruitment policy and practices should reflect this reality. The time is now, for the HR recruiting team to make their companies be the better places for women to work in. Besides, they should adjust their recruitment policies and practices to make the available job positions more open to women than ever before (Mitchell et al., 2001).

Every year, many veteran service members transition out of the armed services. As veteran professionals leave the service to join the civilian careers, they bring with them a powerful combination of skills that could be useful to many companies for the success of their businesses. Most of the veterans are educated and disciplined professionals who have much to offer the civilian workforce. This group of skilled job seekers, search for military-friendly companies that can make good use of their hard-earned skills during their period of service in the military. Therefore, companies should advertise themselves as military friendly to entice these greatly experienced individuals. For example, The Halliburton Corporation has been providing the military friendly environment and has thus attracted many veterans to provide the skilled workforce for its achievements. Mike Bazinet, an Associate Director of a global healthcare company (the Plasma Recruitment with Grifols Inc.). Over the past decade, he has dedicated himself to helping veterans find jobs in Corporate America but he cannot do it alone we all need to advertise the importance of making use of the skills the veterans have (Yano et al., 2010).


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July 15, 2023
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