Speeches delivered by Susan b Anthony and candy Stanton

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The speeches of Candy Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

The speeches given by Candy Stanton and Susan B. Anthony reflect a country that has no universal laws other than those that discriminate against women. The American Equal Rights Association was founded by Anthony and Stanton in 1868 with the goal of achieving gender equity. The 19th amendment to the US constitution, which gave women the right to vote in 1920, was made possible in large part by the women. The two outstanding women contributed to the battle for women's suffrage in America. The speech by Susan B. Anthony illustrates how far male chauvinism has spread and how much women's roles have been consigned to the household. Anthony quotes the beginning of the federal constitutions that give people the equal rights to vote and take part in forming the Constitution. Women are however seen as the inferior lot, hence given little chances in the public elections. Susan mentions that a society that discriminates women is not a democratic one but an aristocracy for the male gender, and this tends to insult the very essence of the constitution. Susan fought to the acceptance of women as persons as indicated in the constitution meaning that they should be given equal rights with the men.<\/p>

Candy Stanton's opposition to male-dominated society

On the other hand, Candy Stanton opposes the society that seems to put men above the female gender and terms it as pure disorganization. Stanton disagrees with the fact that men believe that giving women the right to vote will make them masculine and more powerful like them. Stanton discloses that women have been seen, but they indeed hold enough power that can potentially positively transform the society. She mentions that men believe that by denying women the right to use their intellect and instead always serve them, the women become weak and submissive. Stanton, however, quotes that women have a significant influence on their men who, in turn, cannot explain how their wives have been able to twist their thoughts to reason like them. Stanton believed that women should be given equal rights to vote in the elections, make laws, and hold influential positions in society because they have the innate power to make the world a better place.<\/p>

July 07, 2023

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