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My vegetable garden is about a quarter acre in size consisting of various varieties of local plants. The garden is fenced with very dark and strong hardwood. The North Cyprus wooden fencing the garden is spear-shaped at the top to prevent intruders from stealing or ingesting the vegetables. The fence is about 3 meters high and five centimeter thick. There are 4 different types of vegetables in the outside which includes cabbage, spinach, carrots, and tomatoes. The garden is divided into four extraordinary portions each consisting of one of the four varieties. The Spinach component is on the front right side of my residence while carrots are after the spinach. Tomatoes start on the left side observed by cabbage at the back. Furthermore, the entire garden is pure green although some red colors can be observed due to ripe tomatoes. The green tomatoes are almost ready for the market since they have started to turn yellowish (Phipps). Besides, the terraces separating each portion are full of water for irrigation whereas the drips are placed along every plant. The ripe tomatoes look sweet and edible whereas the dark green appearance of spinach seems to be nutritious. The attractive green has a charming smell and contains an eye -catching pattern. All vegetables except carrots are ready for harvest within the next one week. The sizes of cabbages are incredible since you cannot lift two at a time using one hand. There is a medium size gate at the entrance made of mesh wire and with the written board illustrating the plot number and the type of the garden (Phipps). Lastly, the overall appearance of the garden is eye catching due to the green, yellowish and red colors.
Despite having the eye-catching appearance, the garden is fenced with old dark-brown wood. There is a big gap between the fencing woods where rodents and other intruders such as antelopes can get into the vegetables. There are rotten tomatoes on the upper left side which makes the portion to have a filthy smell. Besides, the gate is fixed with barbed wires to the posts which make it look thorny. Moreover, the stagnant water on the terraces is green with odor thus creating habitat for the white flies which can be seen on the bottom side of the spinach and cabbage leaves. Furthermore, there is a scarecrow at the center of the garden made of old clothes for the reason of scaring intruders and rodents. The scarecrow resembles an old man standing with the stick ready to hit which spoils the attractive picture of the backyard. The muddy surface contains dark cotton soil making it hard to harvest the cabbages and spinach when moving around (Phipps). The garden has a slope near the entrance thus the running water collects at the gate making it hard for one to get in or open the gate. There is a big cavity on the fence at the back side used by rodents to gain entrance when the gate is closed. Some of the spinach and cabbages are perforated by insect thus lowering their quality. Nevertheless, the carrots are not ready for harvest whereas the cabbages are infested by white flies. Some of the cabbages are rotten due to white flies making the garden dirty. Some of the decaying tomatoes are in the terraces hence aggravating the stench.

Work Cited
Phipps, Nikki. "Vegetable Garden Design - Ideas For Designing a Vegetable Garden." Gardening Know How, 2017,

August 09, 2021

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