Negotiation Strategies

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Ø To influence Leslie to accept the job offer and add to our committed workforce in business development.

Ø To convince Leslie commence the job immediately and stop visiting Europe.

Ø To persuade Leslie that he will be allowed to join the research and development department one year later after serving in the business development.

Ø To demonstrate that PP is the best employer that will offer Lisle the opportunity for professional growth.

Resistance Point

Ø Pay Leslie starting salary not exceeding $60,000

Ø Entitling him with a bonus that is not more than $2,500.

Ø Allowing Leslie to directly move in the research and development department without staying for at least one year to learn the culture of PP.

My Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)

BATNA entails the immediate course of action that will be taken in case the negotiations fails to yield expected outcome. Therefore, the following aspects will be considered.

Ø To extend the offer deadline and allow Leslie re-evaluate terms tabled in the discussion before making a final decision.

Ø Demonstrate how Leslie is important to the organization and its willingness to provide various support that will assist him to develop in various aspects of life.

Ø Encourage Leslie to propose his expectations, assure him how the company is committed to meeting them but a plea for him to accept the current which will be reviewed after joining the organization.

Interests of Other Parties

Target Point

Ø To be offered the best compensation and benefits available in the industry.

Ø To work in the research and development department.

Ø Access various opportunities that will foster professional growth and development.

Ø Make an extensive trip to Europe before reporting on duty if the negotiation succeeds.

Resistance Point

Ø Unattractive benefits and compensation program.

Ø Lack of growth prospects especially in research and development.

Ø Lack of sponsorship for PhD.

Other Party’s BATNA

Ø To seek attractive offers in other companies if the negotiation will not lead to the expected outcome.

Ø To bargain until he is offered the best compensation plan.

Ø To look for employment in organizations that will allow him to work in the research and development department.


Fundamentally, an integrative approach will be utilised due to its ability to culminate in a win-win situation.

Bargaining Mix

Ø Substantive interests where the negotiation will primary be based on issues raised.

Ø Relationship-based aspects will also be epitomised to influence Leslie to accept the offer for future benefits.

Additions to Bargaining Mix

Ø Brainstorm potential objectives of Leslie before negotiation process.

Ø Conduct research prior to the negotiation.

Concession Plan

Bundle 1

Bundle 2

Bundle 3

$ 4,750



Paid per month

Paid per month

Paid per month

Medical insurance for 6 months

Medical insurance for 4 months

Medical insurance for 3 months

An offer of a sign on bonus

No offer of a sign on bonus

An offer of a sign on bonus


Ø To apply interest based framing through focusing on the need and desire of influencing Leslie to accept the offer.

Ø Aspiration frame will also be utilised to satisfy various needs of the negotiation.


Ø To come to the bargaining table with adequate data on value including competitors offers.

Ø Understanding the difference by not countering the offer.

Ø To ignore the anchoring strategies by probing party interest and creating options.

Questions to ask Leslie

Ø Why do you consider developing your career elsewhere when it is quite clear that PP needs your service?

Ø Why is it that you are more interested in research and development department despite having a degree in Bachelors of commerce?

Ø Why should the company offer you excellent benefits and compensation while at the graduate level?

Ø Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Ø Why are you not satisfied with our employment offer?

Explanations for Adopting this Plan

Essentially, the overall aim is to ensure Lisle accepts the offer as a graduate recruit to work in the North East Asian business development. I am interested in convincing Leslie that PP is the only place that will offer him the opportunities to meet professional needs. To achieve this, it is crucial to formulate a realistic plan to guide in the negotiation process. Developing an effective negotiation plan depends on a wide range of factors that ought to be considered in order to enhance the realization of the projected outcome (Guest Expert, 2010). In this plan, the prime goal of the bargaining plan is to achieve a deal that both the organization and the Leslie can benefit.

However, poor planning can result in enabling the other party to take more concessions than expected and further reduce the profitability of the company. Therefore, more time was dedicated to the preparation of this plan to better the final outcome (Gan, 2017). Before developing this plan, some research was conducted to enhance an understanding of the potential factors that might deter Leslie from accepting the offer. Additionally, objectives of the company, as well as those of the other, was considered to foster settling on a fair deal that suits the needs of the company and the employee. In general, there are four most important aspects of negotiation planning and effective negotiations have been considered including strategy, objectives, concessions, and subject.

Moreover, this plan is adopted because it has provided deeper insights regarding my interests and those of the other party as well. Having an understanding of organizational objectives will help in focusing on critical issues that will influence Leslie to accept the offer (Guest Expert, 2010). In this negotiation, the human resource manager has provided a description of all benefits and compensation that can be offered or possible adjustments to ensure Leslie accepts the employment. Also, this plan is appropriate because it delineates resistance points including allowing Leslie to directly move to the research and development department or demand high compensation and bonuses beyond the capability of the company (Gan, 2017). Also, this plan is all inclusive as it has provided the alternative actions that should be embraced in case the other party refuses to accept the terms stipulated in the offer. Importantly, most of the factors outlined in the BATNA seek to ensure the negotiation results to the expected outcome in case the other party refuses to agree to the first terms.

Furthermore, this plan will be adopted during the negotiation because it provides both the target and resistance points for the other party. Having knowledge on these issues will ensure the discussion focuses on the topic. Through understanding the targets and resistance of Leslie, one can be in a position to pose questions that will encourage his participation in the negotiation. Fundamentally, the plan has provided a bargaining strategy that is more focused on enhancing a win-win situation which will ultimately lead to the expected outcome. The objective will again be realized because of the fact that this plan capitalizes on substantive and relationship-based interests which purposes at enhancing success in the negotiation process (Gan, 2017). Therefore, this plan is quite appropriate for influencing Leslie to accept the offer provided by PP.


Gan, I. (2017). Advancing a Distributive-Bargaining and Integrative-Negotiation Integral

System: A Values-Based Negotiation Model (VBM). Social Sciences, 6(4), 115.

Guest Expert, (2010). Negotiate Salary Like A Pro: Know Your Batna, Resistance Point And

Opening Offer. Retrieved on 31 March 2017 from

January 19, 2024

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