Network Addresses Design

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Every device on a network is often assigned a unique address known as an IP address, which allows it to be distinguished from other devices on the same network. An IP address is made up of 32 binary bits that are divided into four octets, each of which is equivalent to 8 bits. A network with many devices is difficult to diagnose, hence sub-networks are required.

It is the process of dividing a big network into manageable subnets. A subnet is a logical subset of a bigger network that is formed by borrowing host bits to form a new network (Bigger, 2014). Our current scenario requires us to use the network address of the format to develop various subnets. This address lies in Class C network mask. A class C address has its first octet decimal range falling between 192 and 223 and has a network mask of the form The figure below explains each class, its subnet mask and octet decimal range.


Octet Decimal Range

Subnet Mask



1 - 126



128 - 191



192 - 223


Subnet mask slash notation

A subnet mask can also be denoted using a slash symbol based on the mask octet hence the term Classless Inter Domain Routing (CIDR) (Lammle, 2016). A subnet mask of class A implies that its first octet has all on bits and hence denoted as /8. A subnet mask of class B implies that it has its first two octets all on bits and hence denoted as /16. Similarly, a subnet mask in class C implies its first 3 octets are all on bits and thus denoted as /24. A class C network can host a maximum of 254 hosts.

UMMCS Scenario

The proposed building will have three floors hosting a total of four computer labs, a library, separate offices, admission, and finance office, and a student's study room. First floor will host the admissions and finance office, Lab#1 and Lab#2. Second floor will host Lab#3, Lab#4, the Library, and departmental offices. Third floor will have a departmental offices, IT office, an open student study room, and the institution's server room.

Each computer lab will have 27 computers where 25 will be student computers, 1 server placed in the closet, and 1 computer for lecturer's use. The library will have 30 computers where 25 will be for use by the public and 5 for use by the library staffs. Other than the admissions and Finance office that will contain seven computers, the rest will each have one computer for use by the staff in that office.


Based on above scenario we shall employ the network infrastructure and develop 8 subnets with a maximum 27 hosts on each network as below

Subnet Description

Required Hosts

Lab 1 Computer Lab

27 Computers

Lab 2 Computer Lab

27 Computers

Lab 3 Computer Lab

27 Computers

Lab 4 Computer Lab

27 Computers

Block Library

30 Computers

Server Room Equipment

xx devices (servers access points)

Staff Offices

xx Computers

Admissions and finance Network

7 computers

(Using the How to Subnet a Network Video provided in CMIT 265 LEO - Content - UMUC Network Design Proposal, complete the following chart.)


Network Address

Host Address Range

Broadcast Address

Subnet Mask:

Lab 1 -

Lab 2 -

Lab 3 -

Lab 4 –

Block Library –

Server Room Equipment

Staff Offices -

Admissions and Finance Office -


Bigger, D. (2014). CompTIA Network+ 2014: IPv4 Subnetting.

Lammle, T. (2016). CCNA Routing and Switching Complete Study Guide: Exam 100-105, Exam 200-105, Exam 200-125. Newark: Wiley.

June 06, 2023


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