nurses between night shift and day shift

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This study aims to determine which set of nurses—those working the night shift or the day shift—checks email more frequently. Three out of ten pharmaceutical adverse reactions can be avoided, according to surveys on medical emergencies. The study goes on to say that four out of every ten fatalities that are directly related to critical healthcare can also be avoided. Therefore, it is crucial that healthcare professionals, especially nurses, are kept in a constantly vigilant environment so they may work without stress or worry. The use of emails is one of the most important ways to stay informed. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to determine which group of nurses has a greater environmental awareness. The finding of this report will thus aid healthcare institutions in formulating administration policies to promote practitioner awareness.

Population and Variables

This study is based on a population of over 35 day and night nurses. There replies and feedback will form the basis of the report’s conclusion. The major variables to be considered in this research will be the number of working hours against the number of times one checks their email.

Data Collection

The study deploys observation checklist and questionnaires to collect primary data from the nurses. Study participation will be voluntary and consent will be sought from all the participants. observation analysis and the thematic matrix is employed in analysing the qualitative data whiles descriptive statistics of means, frequencies and percentages are deployed in analysing the quantitative data collected from the survey. Purposive sampling technique was adopted to facilitate direct approach management and nurses.

Data Organization

Raw findings of the research.


Last Shift Worked

Mails Checked during the Shift

Megan R

Christie Wl

Stephanie E

Ryan W

Kaci W

Pat P

Pat K

Stephanie T

Margaret E


Heather G

Meghan P

Robert H


Mike M

Janet J

Kim M


Kate W

Tara W

Beth Ann


Margaret C

Mary Beth

Connie R

Kathy L

Kathy D

David R

Derrick M

Marla S

Josephine S

Marie C

Kathy C

Mark C

Amy C

Angela R

Day shift nurses using graph representation.

Night shift nurses.

This is graph representing the total number of hours for day shift nurses and night shift nurses

Key 7a – 7p Day shift nurses.

7p – 7a Night shift nurses.

Data Analysis

This research was premised on two key hypothesis, the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis. In the former hypothesis the question was about establishing that there is no significant association between checking of the emails and the two groups of nurses. In the later hypothesis the question was about establishing that there is significant association between checking of the emails and the two groups of nurses. From the statistics above it is imperative to note there is a subtle relationship between email checking and a nurse’s shift. Thus the null hypothesis proved false while the alternative hypothesis

Critical to note that the number of day shift nurses recorded was 16 while that of night shift nurses is 20 hence this is not entirely dependable hence. We calculate the median.

Average email checks for 7a -7p is 43/16 equivalent to 2.6875times.

Average email checks for 7p -7a is 67/20 equivalent to 3.35times.

Scatter chart showing regression day shift.

Scatter chart showing regression night shift.


From the above findings it is evident that there is a significant relationship between the numbers of times a nurse checks their email and the shift in which there are operating. This research demonstrates that nurses in in night shifts are likely to check their email more often than those operating in day shifts. For every two times a day shift nurse checks their email a night shift counterpart checks twice. It indicates that health care administrators should adopt strategic mechanism geared at creating more awareness to day shift nurses. This also poses a new proposition for researchers to identify why day shift nurses do not check their mails regularly.


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April 06, 2023
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