Official nationalism

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Susanin's Definition of Official Nationalism

Susanin claims that the ability to perpetuate a race's customs through matrimony with a partner of the same ethnicity defines official nationalism. The scenario is seen when he opposes Sobinin's marriage to his daughter Antonin until a Russian is chosen to wed her as the Tsar's throne requires. The Council present in Moscow was responsible for the selection of Tsar that was pleasing and accepted by everyone (Taruskin and Gibbs 358).

Recognition of Dominance by Another Country

An official nationalism is when the people of a particular nationality are able to ensure that they recognize any efforts of dominance by another country just like when they did in the sumptuous hall when Polish tried to dominate Russians through dances and singing.

Duty of an Appointed Tsar

An appointed Tsar must be willing and able to serve the interest of the throne as the official nationalism dictates. When the messenger arrives at the hall and reports that Mikhail Romanov who was the appointed Tsar is hiding, Poles pledges his coup citing that the action is not in accordance to the expectations of an official nationalist.

Loyalty and Sacrifice

Official nationalism is when soldiers are true and loyal to the cause of defending their nationality. Vanya and Susanin are accompanied by loyal soldiers into the woods, for a mission to defend Tsar.

Susanin's Sacrifice for the Defense of Tsar

Official nationalism is described by the willingness to sacrifice one's life to defend one's nationality (Taruskin and Gibbs 412). Susanin is killed by the Poles for deception and in the long run, he brings triumph for defending Tsar. An official nationalism goes beyond telling the truth, for the true purpose of defending a nationality.

Willingness to Risk Life for the Nation

Just before the Russian soldiers came to the rescue of Susanin in the woods, he had led the Polish soldiers to the woods for a mission whose purpose was a lie. By doing that, he already placed his life at risk for the reason of defending Tsar. An official nationalist is he who can be willing and able to risk his/her life for the purpose of serving a nationality.

Work Cited

Taruskin, Richard, and Gibbs, Christopher H. The Oxford History of Written Music. New York: Oxford University Press, 2013. Musical score.

April 13, 2023

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