Organizational Results and Behavior

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In addition to data analysis and reports

There are various processes that business managers can use to gather more information about their personnel. The information can be found by moving about the organization on mobile devices and by setting aside time for routine interactions with the employees. These procedures help managers understand the difficulties involved in work organization and the abilities needed to complete jobs at the lowest levels. Second, the process also gives managers knowledge about the key initiatives that are developed within the company (Hill et al. 2012). The majority of the managers are confined to their offices. Hence, they do not understand the activities that lead to the final products. Finally, while the managers walk around the organization, they get to realize the different sources of innovation and ideas that might help in the improvement of various processes in the company. Therefore, it is important for the managers to ensure that they familiarize themselves with the working environments of their employees as it brings about major improvements in the company's functionality.

As an employee of a company

I would certainly appreciate the act of my supervisor spending time with the workers. Such action of the supervisors offers an opportunity for the employees at the lower levels to interact well with the management. In doing so, the process will be of great help to the employees in aligning their daily activities with the goals and objectives of the organization (Mohammad et al. 2006). Additionally, the act will yield positive impact on the attitude of the employees towards the activities and processes in the organization. Furthermore, many businesses uses the interaction between the employees and the supervisors as the channel that helps in exchanging knowledge and information, thus, both the supervisors and the employees end up working towards a common goal for the organization.

Apart from going undercover

The organization's executives can as well use other methods of learning day-to-day operations in an organization. The executives can alternatively hold meetings with the team representatives while presenting current work. Secondly, they can also embrace sessions that would be more open to the employees, such as coffee talks (Hill et al. 2012). The sessions provide an open platform when the two parties can communicate and address the possible concerns and complaints. Finally, during the team meetings, the executives could choose to become part of the meetings without previous suggestion.

Yes, some dangers relate to the managers walking around in the working areas of employees

Not every employee is open to the idea. Some of the employees might feel that management does not have trust in their work and have resorted to spy them and find out the reality of the situation (Mohammad et al. 2006). With the idea of minimizing such dangers and maximizing effectiveness, the team managers and the representatives need to communicate with their teams, letting them know about the actual intention of the program. They should also be informed about the implementation of the strategy. An emphasis should be made on how the team can get chances of interacting with the executives. With the help of interactions, they will be able to get insights into the organizational goals having a top management perspective.

In conclusion, it is evident that managers have multiple processes and procedures of understanding the organization and the employees in general without the need in depending entirely on the reports and data provided to them by the team representatives.

The methods are essential in improving the company's status.


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Mohammad Mossadegh Rad, A., & Hossein Yarmohammadian, M. (2006). A study of the relationship between managers' leadership style and employees' job satisfaction. Leadership in Health Services, 19(2), 11-28.

March 02, 2023
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