Police Department in Illinois

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Technological Advancements in the Illinois Police Department

Technological advancement in the Illinois police department has dominated over the years. The police officers have received improved training over the years and enjoy improved technology that makes their work easier. Since the formation, transitions have taken place in which the leaders in the police force have promoted positive relationships between the police and the public. The various available technologies that have provided a new shape to the police service include the digital mobile phones provided to the police, laptops and tablets and also the cameras installed in the police vehicles and their attire. Through these gadgets, monitoring becomes easy with the levels of accountability increasing gradually each day. Formation of various social media platforms offer the police an opportunity to educate the public and also receive information on the crimes committed in various locations.

Mobile Fingerprinting and Firearms Advancements

Mobile fingerprinting has characterized the advancements within the police by making it easy to collect information that is useful to the police. The mobile fingerprinting also reduces the level of travels that the police make in gathering information since they only need to scan the fingerprints and get all the information relating to a particular person of interest. Advancement in the firearms used by the police has been an integral part of the advancement. The might of every police service is characterized by the quality of firearms and the number of trained personnel. The numbers of the trained personnel in Illinois has grown significantly over the years with the quality of firearms used also being improved. The officers use modern and quality equipment in fighting crime and protecting the governor in the state. The roles played by the officers also advanced over the years and this indicates growth in the police.

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