Professional Development and Advancement of Practical Nurses

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Professional Development in Practical Nursing

Professional development continues to play an integral part in the development of practical nurses, who play an overarching role in the provision of quality and sustainable healthcare services. With an increasing demand for healthcare services, which are safe, competent and ethical, opportunities for professional advancement among practical nurses have never been this high. As a nursing student enrolled in professional practice I, I successfully explored and integrated various concepts in my learning, which have significantly improved my professional advancement. More specifically, my analysis and interrogation of essential concepts of stress management, academic writing, and diversity have enhanced my professional progress.

The Role of Stress in Nursing

Throughout the course, the role of stress among nurses has received immense attention given its impact on the effectiveness of nurses in providing the much-needed care. In the course, I developed intense appreciation on the dangers of stress, which Miyata, Arai, and Suga (2015) attribute to factors that include role conflict, loneliness or role overload among other determinants. Understanding causes of stress among nurses has not been enough for me because coping with stress remains a critical determinant of success as a nurse. I believe that my understanding of how nurses can successfully cope with stress including utilizing support systems in their work environment has enabled me to advance my profession. Most importantly, I see myself better placed to offer assistance to other practical nurses on managing stress while focusing on support other healthcare practitioners in the provision of desired patient care.

Importance of Academic Writing Skills

I have gained an immense understanding of academic writing skills and techniques in the course, which have significantly improved my ability to engage in research and academic writing. The role of academic writing skills in nurses cannot be underestimated. Whitehead (2002) found out that academic writing skills have a direct impact on the learning and clinical experience of nurses. I contend that the course infused into my essential skills in research, citation of sources, and presentation of academic work in suitable formats including presentation. The experience of working with other students in the class have made me gain a scholarly focus, which has substantially advanced my skillset as a nurse. Today, I see myself taking a central role in conducting research and sharing critical findings to the nursing fraternity through the use of suitable formats such as slide presentation and posters.

The Role of Diversity in Nursing

By learning about the role of diversity in nursing, the professional practice I course has been instrumental in helping me locate such an important concept of nursing, which other stakeholders may easily overlook. Whereas I joined the course with existing knowledge of diversity, I gained a new perspective on the concept with emphasis on how nurses can use diversity understand their patients and better tailor nursing care. Culley (2008) has also noted that diversity is a unique lens that can illuminate causes of healthcare disparities among communities. With such understanding of what diversity affords nurses, I see my profession advanced and myself better suited to utilize diversity similarly to enhance nursing care and provide a solution to other diversity-related challenges such as cultural constructed barriers.


Without a doubt, I believe that I have received significant professional advancement from professional practice I. First, the course has greatly enhanced my understanding of stress and its impact on nurses, and I am now equipped with skills on coping with stress, which I could use to assist other nurses. Secondly, the course has helped me develop exceptional academic writing skills necessary for the presentation of research findings. This skill, I believe, will significantly bolster my professional advancement and continued learning. Lastly, I have gained a rich understanding of diversity and its influence on the provision of nursing care. With professional practice I having greatly advanced my profession, I see myself offering safe, competent and ethical care.


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October 13, 2023

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