Promotion and Advertising

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The advertising process involves creativity. Creativity depends on the product being advertised and how much it benefits the business. The responsible manager is tasked with ensuring that appropriate advertising is established to penetrate the market.

Ad length

The content of the advertisement in the video varies depending on the product to be released. To create cheap ads, you need to have the basics in place, so you have to make creative choices. Video length is a core requirement for creativity (Ogilvy and Horgan 1964). That is why short ads attract a lot of people. It penetrates the market and increases the company's sales. Similarly, it does not encourage boredom rather it will create a desire amongst people. Many people will think of viewing the ad and make the right decision within a shorter period. Likewise, when the ad is too long, most people will tend to avoid, and those interested may end up not making a viable decision (Taylor and Haley 1996).

Placement of the main ad message

An attractive ad is one that displays the relevant message at the start and within the shortest possible time. The message displayed should relate to the product and must be clear so that everybody who comes across the ad understands (Reynolds and Whitlark 1995). The primary message sales the product as compared to including the entire message concerning the product. To some extent, basic information such as the use and importance of the product has to be displayed clearly to the viewers. The ad will help to avoid unnecessary costs involved when advertising. A Pictorial representation circulated relays the message that is understood by many people as compared to documented ads. The illiterate people can watch the ad and understand, thereby making quick decisions. To the business, it will attract traffic and generate more revenue.


An advert must have sounded, especially when it is a video. The music should be excellent and attract the ears of those who are watching (Morrison and Dainoff 1972). The sound should be clear and produce the message as purported. It should b related to the advert in that whatever sound made displays information regarding the ads. Sometimes not all people take their time to view an advert, but through music, a message communicated reaches the customer (Haberland and Dacin 1992). It may involve soothing music or somebody talking in the background. The music played in the advert has to attract the viewers so that they do not get bored.


An image reveals displays the message being relayed. A clear picture gives ample time to understand the message in the advert about an individual product. Positive images that relate to the product appear to be very attractive. Additionally, a message whose graphics appeal to the eyes of the viewer will be understood clearly since the audience will try to imagine the real product (Altstiel and Grow 2006). The image is a representation of the actual product. Therefore, a well-captured image automatically sells the product.


Advertising comprises of divided functionalities that when combined will give a synergistic effect. The relevant adverts sell the products at the first instance without further research. Creative decisions made on the ad created will enable selling of the product. The advert displays the message including the multiple functions that the bag is ready to serve. Therefore, the quality of the image, length, sound, and message are significant creative decisions when developing ads.


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