Proposed Networking and Internetworking Devices

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A network expert's planning and implementation process for displaying the computer infrastructure is referred to as network design. It explains a network's overall architecture, including its topology, cable laying, and configuration (Ramin 18). The University of Maryland University College (UMUC) leased additional space for classrooms, libraries, and computer rooms in two buildings to aid in the learning process and necessitate the sharing of the UMUC network between the buildings. The proposal displays the network setup requirements and network design. Networking inside the building will be best suited with the star topology since it is more reliable than ring topology which collapses the entire network when one node is down (Schulz 24). Star topology has nodes connected to a central server through point-to-point that handles the exchange of information. If a node was disconnected, the server keeps the rest of the connections alive while terminating the former. The figure 1.1 shows a representation of star topology.

A star topology is a good choice for the network, especially considering that each device will have its independent line connecting to the switch in every room (Bird and Harwood 31). However, the rooms will be connected using a bus topology that forks the network from a main backbone. Each building will have a single wireless router to support Wi-Fi connectivity. The buildings will be connected using the fibre in a star topology. A star topology reduces the chances of total network failure due to the malfunctioning of a single device or unit. A bus topology between the floors reduces the cost of resources needed.

Figure 1.1


Star topology is cost effective as compared to other types of the hybrid and mesh topologies. Troubleshooting is easy due to its ability to maintain nodes with a single connection to the server, and upon disconnection, the device doesn't disrupt the network. Star topology is easy to setup and can be scalable depending on the number of users.

Cables and Connectors

Networking cables vary depending on the technology being used and the purpose of the network. Institutions like UMUC require several types of cables and connectors, for example, Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Ethernet cable and fiber cable (Schulz 37). The UTP cables carry data at different speeds ranging from 1Mbs to 10,000Mbs and are categorized according to their ability. In the institute's case, the best type should be UTP Cat 6 cable with a speed of 10Gbps and cost approximately $200 for 1000 foot sold in bulk same as fiber (Amazon). Connectors for the UTP Ethernet cable are RJ45 type connectors also sold in bulk for approximately $100 for 1000 pieces (Amazon). Fiber has several connectors depending on the port type case in point LC and MT-RJ connectors.


They are fast in exchange of information from one point to another within the network making it reliable to use for schools scenario. Fiber cable has the fastest exchange of data and transmits over long distances which are best for connecting inside the building from floor to floor.

Figure 2: Floor plan for the class buildings with the computer lab as the network control hub for each floor.

Figure 3: Layout plan with star-connected PC computers to the 16-port switch in the computer lab. BYOD will be served by the Wireless access point.

Networking and Internetworking Hardware

Proposed Networking and Internetworking Devices

Hardware can be used to set up the infrastructure such as routers, switches, and Wi-Fi outdoor access points. Two main Cisco routers can support the network without downtimes such as Cisco Nexus 5672Up which cost averagely $10,000 and several 24 port switches which approximately cost less than $150 per item (Lucas 56). Wi-Fi outdoor extenders have long range signals thus making it cheaper during installation. An example is EZ-Bridge-Lite EZBR-0214 fetching at approximately $200 (Amazon).


The Cisco Nexus router can kill a single node port if the user device is having connection problems thus reducing disruption of the network. Coverage of long range distance for the Wi-Fi outdoor access point can cover a radius of 3 miles with a dedicated 100Mbs. The use of short range Wi-Fi routers for classrooms allows multiple connections for users in the university.

Wide Area Network (WAN) Design

Proposed Wide Area Network Solutions

UMUC having leased the two buildings makes wireless technology the most applicable solution due to its flexibility and can easily be relocated, unlike fiber which has to pass through other channels. The access points are mounted at the top of the buildings for efficient communication over a 3-mile radius (Lucas 48).


Wi-Fi networks are wireless and are cheaper compared to cable especially when covering a large distance. However, cables are often used to transmit the data in the network faster. Access points increase efficiency and reduce initial installation strain. Inside the buildings, cable connections work best to carry data to devices that share information like hubs and computers and to those that do not necessarily connected to the internet like printers.

Bring your device (BYOD)

Faculty and students who would love to bring their devices should add the connections to the wireless network delivered through the Wi-Fi routers placed in the classrooms. Several wireless router access point that allows guests to connect to the guest network should be along the hallways. It is easier to manage the network and convenient for the user since can connect anywhere he/she receives the signal.

Figure 4: Compound layout with the three buildings connected through optic fibre. The compound has three wireless access points. The central building is has a network control room that has the server and other technical equipment.

Computer Systems Hardware

Proposed Computer Systems Hardware

An infrastructure capable of handling a large population requires systems that can support the network such as bandwidth management in router hardware configurations. The kind of equipment is necessary due to its ability to allow authorized personnel only. Hardware systems that require constant monitoring need to run on effective and reliable operating systems like Linux-Unix based. It allows easier management since Linux systems are faster in the execution of tasks as compared to windows server operating systems.

The appropriate networking devices should be purchased depending on area of coverage, durability, as well as the cost implication. Three routers, and as many switches as there are rooms alongside optic fibre and STP cables should be obtained. Desktop computers as well as BYOD should be based on a peer-to-peer mode, thus, allowing controlled access to the network management. Any brand of computers with at least 2.0 GHz speed microprocessor, 500GB HDD and 1GB ram should be purchased. A GPU is not essential because college work is hardly graphics-intensive.


Efficient and easy troubleshooting is carried out in Monitoring and management of the network. The hardware required for the network is secure hence ensuring that data integrity is done efficiently. It also allows scalability with an increase in devices connected to the network.

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