REI: The Company and Its Market

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Recreational Equipment, Incorporated, usually known as REI, is an American retail and out-of-doors leisure services firm. It is systematized as an end user co-operative. REI trades sporting things, camping equipment, travel gear, and outfit. REI runs 154 selling stores in 36 states. (REI, n.d)

REI’s marketing environment.

The U.S Economy

The current U.S. economy affects REI retail operations both positively and negatively. Due to the available reusable income in the growing population of the United States, the entertainment industry benefits positively by increasing its revenue.

People hardly spend time on recreational activities due to the high standards of living and the hustle experienced in the United States, This has a negative impact on REI` as the amount spends by people in recreational activities is inadequate. Most people spend much of their time working to earn a living

REI’s operations in the global economy

The REI Company has also expanded into the global market. Capitalizing in solid markets with more currency to devote to leisure undertakings increases the returns made by the establishment.  The concept of new customers and market global are the enterprise in a new environment is a primary reason for capitalizing globally.( Reynolds, n.d) This has increased the company’s revenue, its affordability as well as its growth. Apparently, if the global economy is not doing well, the U.S economy can also drop leading to a decrease in REI’s sales and revenue.

Legal and regulatory environment

For REI to have a smooth operation in the United States there are numerous Laws and regulations the company must adhere to. For instance, the company must meet the regulations of The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by ensuring that all the commercials and promotions they make are naturally mindful. These regulations affect the REI Company as the Advertisements they air must never be deceptive.

Social-cultural forces

Majority of the younger generation today is more focused on social media, watching films, and playing computer games. This has greatly affected REI as the majority of the young generation is disinterested in sports. Interacting socially among peers has significantly reduced over the years. As a result, REI faces a shortage of demand for the services and products it renders.

Technological forces

Almost every household in the U.S has a computer, tablet or a mobile device. Some of the features of technological modifications that have severely crushed REI consist of the internet, social sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and Twitter. Gaming comforts such as the PlayStation and Nintendo are considered more fun than physical activity.

There are two forms of market research: secondary data research and primary data research. Secondary data are data that you can find in earlier readings or extra in book form sources. Almost every corporation in the domain steering marketing research uses secondary sources. Secondary sources of information obtainable for conducting market research on REI include:                        

•    National Sporting Goods Association.

•    Sports and Fitness Industry Association.

•    Internet Archive.

•    Outdoor Industry Association

The value of secondary sources

All these categories of sources have contributed to their financial achievement and growth of REI because they complement and publicize their undertaking. REI provides leisure products with slight trails to the surroundings.

The secondary sources revealed directly above obtainable to REI are treasured in a sense that they make available data linked to the leisure equipment trade as a whole, and how much vital this trade is to the economy. These sources offer several categories of data on how valuable and the moneymaking industry it has been and how the trades have proven with time. 

These sources also offer facts about the well-being of REI relative to many geographical areas. For instance, an attachment to the Outdoor Industry Association provides a symposium which delivers means to aid its associates to grow and thrive in the vibrant rebirth.

Developing an integrated market plan

These secondary sources have very vital facts Which REI can access. They can surf the important material for their marketing plans, such as subsequent research intelligence: Sports Input in the entire country, Sports Input Single Class, Sports Involvement Cross Input and Sports Involvement Growth Demographics. These sources are also important to the corporation in their exploration of REI, the existing openings, conducting market research, powers of the industry, and recognizing their customer market. (Craig, et al, 2014)

When developing a market plan, the first undertaking should be to market research. The use of secondary resources is of great importance to REI and other companies that offer recreational services. This is for the reason that the study aids in determining the desires of their end users. Evidence found by secondary means can be used to improve a cohesive marketing strategy by evaluating the market. This will give facts about the customers’ identity and what they desire. The corporate can then use the study to set goals and determine their next move in planning


Since its founding, REI has experienced pronounced achievement. Its exclusive customer accommodating professional ideal ensures that consumers keep coming back. Although it faces some challenges, the company has been capable of achieving a dependable client following. This has resulted in its growth and recognition not only in America bit in all economies it operates.


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