Same-sex Marriage and the Constitution

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One of the most controversial debates in the contemporary world is gay and lesbian (same-sex) marriage. Traditionally, society avoided the same-sex marriages, but contrary, gay and lesbian relationships are currently gaining legal acceptance (Gerstmann 1). Same-sex marriage should be restricted because it is a violation of sacred institution, hinder procreation, negates the significance of biological parents and, causes social unrest. 

 Same sex relationships should be restricted because two gender relationships is a religious sanction. Various religions such as Christianity and Islam uphold that God instituted marriage between a man and a woman. For illustration, the Bible prohibits and advocates for capital punishment for lesbianism and homosexuality. According to the Christians, the believers should avoid gay and lesbian acts since they are debauchery and detestable acts (Lombardo 1).

            Gay and lesbian couples cannot procreate. One of the universal climaxes of human existence is marriage and children bearing (Lombardo 1). The natural conception of a child requires both male and female parents. Hence, the approval of same-sex marriage is likely to cause a dwindling human population.

            It is vital for a child to have both a father and a mother. The significance of biological parents is in providing a balance during a kid’s developmental stages (Sullins 1). In same-sex marriages, the same gender impacts over the life of a child thus depriving social balance between both sides.

            Besides, same-sex marriages cause social unrest. For illustration, gays and lesbians are more prone to health problems such as psychological disorders and, they have lower life expectancy than heterosexual couples (Sullins 1). Also, the adopted children have confusion in understanding procreation in humans (Sullins 1).

 In conclusion, though the issue of same-sex marriage is currently controversial, there are enough reasons to restrict the practice. Marriages between gays and lesbians should be limited since they violate divine sanction of marriage, hinder procreation, deprives the adopted kids of their biological parents and, causes social unrest.

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August 21, 2023

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