Samsung Galaxy Phones and iphones

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To show why iPhone phones are superior, I'd like to compare iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III phone personal assistance and camera features.
According to Kim and Song (2013), you might have learnt of a recent case in which Apple sued Samsung for trademark infringement and prevailed. Well, if you pay attention to mobile technology problems, you would not be shocked to learn that Apple has continued to be creative when it comes to smartphone production; to some degree, Samsung has attempted to imitate Apple's handset models (Kim & Song, 2013). Maybe Samsung has realized that Apple is unbeatable when it comes to innovation of better phones features.

Daponte et al. (2013) reveals that a visit to a smartphone shop can prove that the features and styles in an iPhone 5 phone are better compared to a Samsung Galaxy S III phone. Am going to persuade you that apple phones have better features than Samsung. To convince you of this, I will compare iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III.

As Jeong et al. (2014) indicates the personal assistant feature in iPhone 5 called iPhone Siri is better than Galaxy S III S voice. The S voice in Galaxy S III is slow, while the iPhone Siri is fast and offers more information compared to the S voice. In addition, according to You et al. (2013), the iPhone 5 camera is better than Samsung Galaxy S III camera. It can take panoramic pictures and has colors that are more natural while the S III lacks these features.

In conclusion, the Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 are both amazing phones. Nevertheless, I would recommend iPhone 5 because it has better intelligence personal assistant and a better camera. So, if you are deciding on what phone to purchase, buy an Apple iPhone 5.


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August 18, 2021


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