Short and medium term targets Actions required Resources that can help Success criteria

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Targets for the short and medium term Actions needed Resources that can be of assistance Criteria for Success (milestones) The completion date

What do you hope to accomplish this year? What steps must you take to reach each goal? A variety of actions may be required. Extra study materials, for example, or friends or contacts who can assist you. How will you know whether each action was successful? When must you perform each action?

Open University offers a certificate in psychology. Write an application letter and a cover letter to the admissions office.

Always keep an eye on the application's development.

Obtain the fee schedule. Request a curriculum overview

Purchase course materials. Look for notes from the former students

Identify the location of the lecture halls Easy access to the curriculum and other reference notes from the former students and lecturer

Doing a certificate course in computer. The purpose is to eliminate illiteracy level Make official application for the course at Open University

Buy guideline book for basic packages training Buying a laptop

Doing extra practical work Unable to balance the studies with my job

Have not been able to sit for the final exams

Gain confidence in creating a computer program Take notes at the end of the training and at the end of every lecture week

Consult the Internet always

Always practice Consult the lecturer and colleagues

Arrange for extra studies Able to complete the SOFT 131 tutorial classes without notes

Demonstrating basic knowledge in programming

Can make a program alone

Increase my study time 25 hours per week Keeping track of the number of hours I cover daily

Adjust as necessary Buy a clock for timing myself

Having a time table indicating the number of hours Unable to follow the time table

Sometimes my job collides with the timetable

Obtain relevant experience in my area of interest (Computer programming) Make application for experience at the relevant institutions.

Aim higher

Seeking clarification from the senior personnel with experience I will have obtained experience in an area that interests me most (Computer Programming)

April 19, 2023

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