should US ban genetic engineering

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With the growing need for scientific innovation around the world, genetic modification has created fertile ground for heated debate. This is due to its importance in the fields of research, health, and medicine, as well as agriculture. Scholars all over the world are developing their arguments for and against genetic modification based on different scientific findings. Most academics have advocated for the use of genetic modification techniques because they ensure increased efficiency in a variety of fields. On the other hand, some scholars through research have criticized the usefulness and validity of these procedures basing their argument on the safety issues involved in genetic engineering procedures. In that case, therefore, this paper seeks to discuss critically why the United States should embrace or resist the use of genetic engineering. Additionally, the paper focuses on the various genetic interventions and their impacts on human life as well as the environment.

Genetic Engineering in Fiction

Genetic engineering as depicted in The Hunger Game fiction may be important for some task that may better the human life. In this fiction, these modified creatures are considered to be beneficial due to their ability to spy. However, the author brings the reality of the future of such creature as the cause of havoc to the society (Gorman, 2012). According to Gorman (2012), the advancement in the technology sector and the use of genetic engineering may lead to what he terms as the "an explosion of diversity of new creatures" (Gorman, 2012). The controversy here is to whether the world is ready for such creature or rather the competition of such advancement. In that case, therefore, human may be preparing mixed up genes that will initiate a new era of evolution that might be uncontrollable in future.

Controversial Bird Flu Study

Another argument against use of genetic modification lies on the controversial dealy bird flu study. According to Mikaela (2012), the studies on the deadly bird have attracted mixed reactions due to the issues represented in the paper concerning mutants. Most of these are believed to bring advancement in the addressing of the deadly diseases. However, some of the insights established in these studies are the level of security since there is possibility of the information being used by bioterrorist (Mikaela, 2012). Ideally, the Flu proved to be transmitted by very close contact with human to the birds but with the improved modification the flu can be categorized as an airborne disease. Considering such a safety issues, it would be a clever decision to terminate the use of genetic engineering in the U.S.

Publication of MutH5N1

A similar instance is the publication of mutH5N1 which is a mutant of the deadly virus H5NI. Intrinsically, the publication of such research poses security threats to the public as the information is feared to fall into the wrong hands (Zimmer, 2012). In should be noted that the interest in biological and especially genetic engineering has become a point concern especially with the increasing interest from biological amateurs. In that case, therefore, the security published information of the genetically modified organism is a critical point of concern (Zimmer, 2012).

Ethical Considerations

Another point of consideration is the ethics of genetic engineering procedures and their responsibilities to the victims. Most of the genetic procedures do not guarantee the normality of the life of the host. Ideally, these procedures involve the insertion or deletion of the DNA structure which might lead to abnormalities (Rachel, 2011). The fact that most of these procedures are helping in eradication genetic disorders does not approve their viability since most of the victims are left with financial and emotional plagues (Rachel, 2011).


Genetic engineering has been associated with good things such the improvement in the production. However, when a procedure does not guarantee safety to the society, then it is unfit and unnecessary to exist in the society. Genetic procedures, therefore, are unnecessary to the society due to their threats to human health and the environment.


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December 08, 2022

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