Sovereignty Shift in China

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From the article, “Unifying China, Integrating with the world” by Allen Carlson, sovereignty is considered as a milestone for a country’s economic status and its position when compared with other countries. The sovereignty shift is dynamic and depends mostly on the leadership structure of the country. I find it interesting that the leadership of China, as noted by Allen Carlson, managed the sovereignty shift successfully which promoted the unity of the country and her neighbors. It is also surprising to learn about the struggles the country underwent especially during the conflict of the Taiwan takeover, destabilized the country.

However, though the leadership of China had managed to maintain its economic status, I do not agree with the idea of giving warnings on the relationships between their citizens and those crossing the boundaries. In this case, the warning made the country to lose the social fabric even though it was a way of maintaining their high profile. The critics they made over time has also enabled other countries such as Beijing and Washington to move a level higher than China.  The sovereignty of a state should be not only purely based on its economic status and military intelligence but also other factors such as incorporation of its interaction and contribution to the growth of other states.

While the Chinese leadership is working on unifying and maintaining a balance on integration, they should look for alternative methods other than contradictions and tensions. The leadership should consider options such as the overall growth of the states, its unity with other countries and more so the positive impacts the interrelation with other states would have in China. In this case, it would help in curbing the challenges experienced in sovereignty shift.

August 21, 2023



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