Stress disorders

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Stress disorders are conditions that people get after enduring traumatic events. Indeed, those suffering from anxiety-related disorders have a persistent concern that terrible occurrences may occur, causing them to live in fear. According to Rector et al. (2016), anxiety disorders can last for a long time, jeopardizing an individual's social and emotional well-being. However, psychologists say that anxiety problems can be treated. Apprehensive and strong fear are characteristics of stress-related sickness. An individual suffering from anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may also struggle to do daily responsibilities (Comer,2014).

 This presentation is appropriate for the personalities who engage in intense activities which often expose them to much exhaustion and has scary scenes, mainly soldiers. Soldiers undergo lots of problems after the completion of their military activities. Some of the scary scenes that significantly affect the lives of the soldiers include the death of colleagues and people from the enemy camps. Also, soldiers suffer from the loud bangs caused by explosions and firing of guns. Soldiers also undergo anxiety and panic due to the scary nature of the areas where they occupy while on combat. In particular, some of the soldiers inhabit areas, which have wild and ferocious animals that expose human life to many dangers. Finally, soldiers face the dangers of contracting various types of infections and starvation which result from the nature of activities they undertake in the course of their actions.

Causes of Stress-Related Disorders

Psychologists argue that stressful experiences in life are likely to result in anxiety and stress disorders (Ursano, 2010). In essence, the development of a PTSD and panic that results in deterioration of one's welfare is greatly attributed to the number of traumatic events which individual encounters. For instance, people who frequently experience strange occurrences such as death have high chances of developing anxiety and stress-related disorders. Also, people inherit mental health risks which cause distress and expose one to dissociative disorders. Rector et al. (2016) argue that individuals who come from families that have a history of depression and anxiety are at high risks of developing abnormal traits.

Anxiety and dissociative disorders also result from the malfunctioning of an individual's brain in the event of a stressful situation (Comer, 2014). Scientists have discovered that failure of the brain to efficiently regulate the chemicals and hormones released in the event of stress critically exposes one to the dangers of anxiety and PTSD. Finally, anxiety and stress-related disorders result from one's terrorism and torture.


Psychiatrists use various strategies to treat the anxiety and stress-related disorders in everyday life. Comer (2014) opines that psychotherapy is the efficient method for treating the personalities who suffer from anxiety and stress-related disorders. However, under some situations, clinicians use drugs to reinforce the impacts of psychotherapy. Specifically, psychiatrists use cognitive therapy to change the manner in which PTSD patients perceive others or events in the society. Cognitive therapy is also necessary for correcting personal feelings harbored by individuals, especially about activities that have occurred in their lives. Apart from cognitive therapy, psychiatrists use exposure therapy to treat stress-related disorders especially those who often panic. According to Ursano et al. (2010), exposure therapy helps an individual to face the situation and memories which one finds to be frightening. Rector et al. (2016) opine that psychiatrists use hypnotherapy, psychodynamic therapy, and drugs to treat personalities who are suffering from dissociative disorders.

Gender Influences

Comer (2014) has it that more females than males are likely to suffer from PTSD and anxiety after the occurrence of a traumatic event. Also, scholars have discovered that women tend to panic if a strange event occurs due to their hormonal structure. On the other hand, men are resilient in the cases of scary events and are prone to engage in a fight or flight as a way of evading a given type of danger. Psychologists argue that the gender of an individual plays a crucial role in the development of a dissociative disorder (Comer, 2014). In particular, males are not as prone to develop dissociative disorders compared to the females. Apart from one's gender, the cultural background primarily influences the development of PTSD, dissociative disorders and panic among individuals who have undergone some forms of threats. In particular, the cultural belief systems about trauma and cultural emphasis on social relations and support critically trigger the development of stress-related problems.


Stress-related disorders are prevalent in the society, and a majority of people are suffering unknowingly. Some of the prevalent and significant types of stress-related disorders in the society include PTSD and dissociative disorders. Soldiers form a good percentage of people who often suffer from anxiety and stress-related disorders due to the regular exposure to combats or scary scenes. However, psychiatrists have developed various effective methods of treating the stress-related disorders as discussed in the essay. Scholars also argue that stress-related disorders are common among the females compared to the women.


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