Substance abuse and addiction among health professionals

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Johnson, Natalie A., et al. "Effect of electronic brief intervention on uptake of specialty treatment in hospital outpatients with likely alcohol dependence: Pilot randomized trial and qualitative interviews." Drug and alcohol dependence183 (2018): 253-260.

The book describes the healthcare system effect of alcohol and drug use where large proportion of outpatients in one of the hospital comprised of alcohol dependent individuals. The aim of the study was to assess the knowledge of alcohol consumers to see whether they understand the significance of excessive consumption of alcohol. Most of the interviewees did not see drinking a s a problem and some were confident that they could manage without intervention. Thus, most of the victims of drug abuse fail to seek medical attention because they feel they can manage on their own.

The author of the article is specific on his stand where he feels most drug consumers avoid seeking medical attention due to the belief that they can handle the situation on their own. With proper medical intervention, the number of alcohol dependent persons has increased in large hospitals.

The source is not biased as it gives the standpoint of the author. The language used is simple for every researcher to understand and the article have been reviewed making it a relevant source for this topic.

Schuermeyer, Joseph, et al. "Temporal trends in marijuana attitudes, availability and use in Colorado compared to non-medical marijuana states: 2003–11." Drug and alcohol dependence 140 (2014): 145-155.

Schuermeyer tried to establish the attitude of marijuana users and the related outcomes of marijuana affecting the users. The study involved the use of National Survey on Drug Use and Health to test changes regarding marijuana attitude and the outcomes of marijuana users. The results revealed that most of the marijuana users who perceived it as a great risk stopped consuming it after one or two weeks.  Others had positive attitude towards marijuana use in Colorado. There is increased dependence of marijuana among the youths, hence, commercialization of marijuana have made people lower their risk perception.

The article is credible as the results match the findings of most conducted research of similar topic. The source is not biased as the results are based on the findings of the study. The language is clear and the date of publication is current, making the source useful for this research topic. It will be useful as it will give information of the attitude of marijuana users towards the outcomes.

Monroe, Todd, and Heidi Kenaga. "Don't ask don't tell: substance abuse and addiction among nurses." Journal of Clinical Nursing 20.0962-1067 (2011): 505. Print.

The article describes the challenges faced by nurses who are addicted to substance abuse. It highlights the responsibility of administrators, providers and students of identifying practitioners who are addicted to substance abuse or themselves if they are victims of addiction. The article reports the increased rates of drug abuse among nurses where the current estimates shoes 20% of nurses globally are victims of substance se and addiction. It realized the importance of early intervention as a solution to increased drug and substance use among nurses as well as other individuals.

The article is credible as it includes some of the reasons health professionals engage in drug abuse and the necessary intervention that can control drug abuse and addiction. Identification of drug addicts and early intervention is the key to better control of substance abuse and addiction. Such information makes the article a useful source in the completion of this paper.

Smith, Janette L., Richard P. Mattick, Sharna D. Jamadar, and Jaimi M. Iredale. "Deficits in behavioural inhibition in substance abuse and addiction: A meta-analysis." Drug and Alcohol Dependence 145.0376-8716 (2014): 1(33). Print.

Smith in his article identifies lack of inhibitory control as a factor behind the increased dependence on substances. The results of the article reveal that such association is applicable for heavy use of cocaine, alcohol, tobacco and pathological gamblers. However, this was not the case for cannabis users and internet addicts. The author supports that substance use is behavioral disorder that can be caused by lack of inhibitory control.

From the results of the article, the author and the source are credible and lack bias. This is because a study was conducted and literature review from other literatures making the information useful for this research. The language used is simple making it easy for critiques and researcher to use the material.

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