The Liquor License Act Research Essay

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The Liquor License Act states that people may buy alcohol from any retailer as long as it is permitted by the legislation. In light of this, it makes sense and is legal for stores to now be able to offer beer, wine, and all other alcoholic beverages. Many states have laws governing alcohol that are somewhat contentious because of the consequences of the practice. Examples of issues with the practice include too much alcohol consumption, selling to minors, and drunk driving; as a result, there is ongoing discussion about whether certain locations should be permitted to conduct business. (Liquor Licence Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. L.19, 2016). As such, the paper will strive to illustrate why liquor should be sold in authorized premises.

Selling liquor in authorized facilities prevents illegal access to the same, especially from underage individuals. The move allows the administration to oversee safe consumption of liquor and also encourages shared responsibility. In other words, the authorized stores would be accountable for any inappropriate action revolving around liquor; and will strive to promote wellness among the consumers (Hembrey, 2011). Without authorizing the stores, they are not accountable to any incident contravening the liquor act. Furthermore, without the permit, some stores opt to use illegal means to sell the liquor, thus posing significant threats to the consumers (RisingTide, 2016).

Permitting various stores to sell the product is also beneficial to the consumers since they do not have to incur additional costs associated with illegal businesses (Babbage, 2014). For instance, legalizing some drugs like marijuana in some states have contributed to a considerable drop in crime and prices of the products, while heightening income (Zarzycki, 2017). Similarly, permitting the stores to sell the different types of liquor leads to the same benefits. Ontario permitted the selected stores to sell the liquor so that it could heighten accessibility, limit illegal trade, and reduce unlawful practices.


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July 15, 2023

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