Suicidal Tendencies and Anxiety

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In recent times, and over centuries, the discussion of suicidal rates amongst both young and adult groups have been an underlying crucial issue with not as much importance attached to it compared to other mental disorders. However, some writers have considered this issue in details and conducted adequate research. The purpose of this review is to highlight the key issues of anxiety and how it affects mental and physiological health.

Anxiety, Suicidal Tendencies and Ethnicity

The subjective view to religion has only had the tendency to protect suicidal tendencies in African-American men than women (Assari, 2014). He further notes that the impact of education is also based on the ethnicity and gender of groups. The writer based his discussion on one particular group of people, and linked anxiety to suicidal tendencies. The writer discusses how Blacks are more protective of suicidal ideation, compared to Whites, and largely contributes this to many of the protective factors, including subjective views of religious practice. The article is mostly statics-based, and therefore does not go on to consider much details about cures, symptoms and medical discussion of anxiety, unlike other articles. It also focuses on one study-group in America, rather than as a whole in others parts of the world.

Anxiety leading to physical illness

Apart from the psychological effects that anxiety has on an individual, it also causes acute issues physically. In order to deal with the issue, it is impeccable to understand the reasons behind anxiety and how to cure it. The article in Harvard Women’s Health Watch has talked about anxiety from it core, including a clear definition, causes and cures. However, it has also pointed out women, in contrast to men, are more prone to anxiety symptoms. A similar analysis was drawn by Assari. The Harvard article estimated that nearly 40 million adults around the world are women. The article considers the any physical illness that anxiety brings about, including Gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory disorders and other chronic heart diseases. It notes the symptoms that many take for granted, or are completely oblivious to, including nausea, pain, dizziness, weakness, or migraine. It stresses on the importance of discussing the issue with a doctor, and how common symptoms, including irritable bowel syndrome and the like go unnoticed by almost 30% of people suffering from anxiety.

Anxiety and Women

The article in Medcrave Online has also highlighted the fact that women are more prone to anxiety. Depression is most common amongst women and it is vital for susceptible women to seek medical assistance. Similar to the Harvard article, this also sets out the cures to anxiety, but in more details, including, anti-depressant dosage, physical activity, and cognitive behavioral therapy. This article also discusses about alternative therapies and cures, such as allopathy treatments, dietary changes, Ayurveda, hypnosis, etc. This also extends to lifestyle changes including yoga, meditation, prayers, or even just breathing outdoors or walking in the garden! It stresses on the importance of learning about anxiety and shifting to mindful living.

Anxiety, its types, and cures

The article in Pharma Innovation has highlighted how common the issue of anxiety is amongst the people and emphasizes heavily on the cures with elaborate details.  It sets out both allopathy as well as naturopathic treatments. Self-treatments as well as counselling are also discussed in details unlike the previous articles. Amongst the many causes of anxiety as discussed in previous articles, the writes in this article has noted substance use and abuse, withdrawal symptoms and genetics as one of the causes of anxiety. It also highlights and discusses the many form of anxiety, its causes and symptoms. It is not a research-based article and hence does not provide much statistics or reports compared to the readings.

Anxiety leading to Cardiovascular diseases

The article by Tully discusses how anxiety plays its part in raising cardiovascular heart disease. It categorises anxiety in medical terms, as, Generalised anxiety disorder, or, GAD, and how worry and GAD impacts the heart. However, females were much underrepresented in this research. The article does not discuss much about cures, treatments and causes of GAD. Also, it does not establish the extent to which GAD and worry are implicit in establishing coronary heart diseases, and lacks clarity in reports and statistics. The article also does not define GAD and it symptoms from the perspective of a general reader. GAD is defined in very simple terms in the article of The Pharma Innovation.

This review confirmed the much-established theory that anxiety is an underlying issue amongst many households. It is largely unnoticed and lies beneath many common signs and symptoms. It also highlighted how anxiety affects a person both physically as well as psychologically. Cures of anxiety are easy to follow, ranging from medical to spiritual options. Subjective religious views had been largely associated as a protective factor for suicide rates amongst the Africa-American culture. Women are more prone to anxiety, and the articles failed to provide a remedy to this problem.


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August 21, 2023



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