Supply and demand of roses

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Thanks to the high prices of roses, the Friday 13th of February in 2009 and 2015 was considered unlucky. To begin, it is critical to emphasize the significance of rose flowers. If a day is believed to bring bad luck to someone or any individuals, it indicates that the individual(s) is ignoring something important to them.

Roses are known as the "Queen of Flowers" and the "King of Flowers" at the same time. As a result, it is apparent that they reflect kingliness and queenliness. In most cases, the flowers are used by the people who love one another as a sign of love that they have for each other. The color and shape of the rose flower are beautiful, and when someone is given a rose flower, it would mean beauty in the heart or something of that sort.

So, from the demand and supply line of roses, the demand will go up during the days in which loved ones are celebrating their love. On the other hand, the demand might go down in other regular days with normal routine. Similarly, the supply is likely to go up when it is anticipated that many people would need them. The demand might be too high to exceed the amount that can be supplied. Consequently, the prices would go up due to the law of supply and demand (Adil, 2016).

The typical day in which the demand of roses goes up is Friday, February 13th. The reason behind this is that one, the day after Friday is a Saturday which means a weekend where the loved ones would go out and have some break. Two, that day would be 14th which is the day in which most people celebrate their love. So, the demand of roses is very high during that time, making their prices to go up. It will, therefore, follows that as we go February 13 to March 13th the demand of rose is going down when the supply has already gone up. The following data is a good illustration:

Table 1

Demand and Supply of roses

Day Rose supplied(millions) Rose Demanded(millions) Price per Rose(dollars)

13th February 2 10 10

20th February 3 8 9

27st February 4 6 8

4th February 5 4 7

11st March 6 2 6

13th March 7 1 5

The graph for the above data is shown below:

Figure 1

Demand and Supply


Adil, J. (2016). Supply and demand (1st ed.). Mankato, Minn.: Capstone Press.

November 23, 2022

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