Supply Chain Management

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A supply chain involves all the activities associated with how manufacturing, materials, facilities, personnel, transportation, inventory, and other items flow and then are transformed into goods and services. Every asset, information, and processes are part of supply chain (Belvedere & Grando, 2017).

Prior to my current job, I was hired as bottled water supplier at Dasani Company. Dasani is the affiliate company of Coca Cola Inc., which deals with manufacture of bottled water. The supply chain starts with the supplier of water bottles. The company receive these plastic bottles from contracted manufacturers, which are via rail, ship, and trucking firms.

Dasani receive the bottles and store them in its warehouses. The fresh water is tapped from the aquifers. It is delivered to the filtration centres and CO2 is added to purify it. The water is transported to Dasani's warehouses. Bottling takes place and later bottled water is packaged and stored waiting to be retailed. The product is transported to the retailers such as Wal-Mart. The bottled water is shelved and price tag placed. Finally, the consumers buy the product (Fredendall & Hill, 2016).

The supply chain for our bottled water comprised of different activities and processes such as buying of materials, services, equipment from different suppliers in the market. Upstream supply chain occurred between Dasani and its suppliers. The items included consulting services, accounting services, transportation vehicles, and equipment (Belvedere & Grando, 2017). On the other hand, the downstream exchanges occurred be Dasani company and the retailers or end-user.

According to my study, one of the major sources of concern that might negatively affect the global supply chain of the company is that of the cost linked to the fuel. Since the world's natural resources are slowly becoming limited as time progresses, the prices of fuel are escalating (Fredendall & Hill, 2016). Consequently, the transportation of materials from the suppliers is restricted. It could finally minimize the level of services, supplies, and materials accessible to firms (Belvedere & Grando, 2017). In this respect, when suppliers are fewer in the market, it could be damaging to the accomplishment of the business since it would decrease the level of production and products accessible to customers (Fredendall & Hill, 2016).


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October 30, 2023

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