Synesthesia Definition and Examples

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If you are not familiar with synesthesia, you should read this article for a detailed definition and examples. You can learn more about Chromesthesia, Grapheme-color synesthesia, and Lexical-gustatory synesthesia. In addition, you can read about how Emily Dickinson used the word blue to describe death and synesthesia in the play Othello. We also have several examples of famous people who experience synesthesia.


The term synesthesia is a rhetorical device used to describe one sense in terms of another. It is derived from the neurological condition of the same name. It describes an experience in which one sense is stimulated while another is largely unaffected. People who experience synesthesia may have an inexplicable link between the two senses. The following examples will demonstrate how to use synesthesia in writing. But first, let's define what synesthesia is.

Grapheme-color synesthesia

There are over 60 types of synesthesia, but a grapheme-color synesthesia definition and examples is one of the most common. People with this condition have a heightened sense of taste, see, and smell specific colors when they think of a specific emotional stimulus. Although these synapses aren't necessarily harmful, they can be a cause for concern. Synesthetes describe their experiences in their own words.

Lexical-gustatory synesthesia

If you have tasted a certain word, name, or fruit, you have probably experienced lexical-gustatory synesthesia. If so, you may be wondering what is causing this sensation. This condition is real, and is the result of a neural and perceptual process that cannot be fully explained. Scientists have been fascinated by synesthesia for centuries. There is no known cause, but synesthesia is often characterized by a similarity to the way humans experience the world.

Lexical-gustatory synesthesia in Othello

A classic example of lexical-gustatory synesthesia in Shakespeare's Othello is the description of jealousy as "green with envy." The odour of this aversion is represented by the color green. In the quote, jealousy is described as "the smell of sweat." The author of this play used synesthesia as a rhetorical device to connect previously unconnected images.

Grapheme-color synesthesia in Jokanaan

Grapheme-color synesthesia is a neurological condition in which individuals perceive color and spatial arrangement of various graphemes, such as letters and numbers. Although this condition does not necessarily lead to increased memory or creativity, it can enhance the overall quality of life. People with grapheme-color synesthesia are many and varied. One does not necessarily have to be a math or language prodigy to experience it.

Grapheme-color synesthesia in Salome

Grapheme-color synesthesia is a type of synesthesia, where a person has heightened sensitivity to colors associated with graphemes. In addition to colors, grapheme-color synesthetes can also perceive numbers, letters, days of the week, and months. Grapheme-color synesthesia affects more women than men. People with grapheme-color synesthesia may also be more creative and have improved memory.

Chromesthesia in Jokanaan

Chromesthesia is a way of experiencing color without using your eyes. As a child, I loved to see different shades of purple, blue, and red in books, so I was intrigued by this novel. In it, I felt a connection to my childhood experiences with color and how that may relate to my adult life. Moreover, I found this novel to be a very evocative piece of literature.

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