Technology and Alternate Futures

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The Uncertain Future of Humanity

It is believed that the future of humanity is uncertain. Even though there has been a lot of research done in an effort to forecast and assess the future, it is still difficult to know what is ahead for humanity. This is a result of the contradicting events that are taking place in the world. However, there is concern that the future of humanity will be a tragedy of hidden obstacles that will cause numerous battles and survival challenges. Given the resulting climatic change and the quickening rate of population expansion (Randers).

The Likelihood of Population Growth

The analysis touching on population growth points out that, the world population is likely to double by the year 2050. This is due to the current predictions and consideration of population growth motive especially in nations such as the African nations, India and China (Clay, pg. 270-272). Due to the current happenings, it is possible that the populations of these nations and many others will double the world's population. According to the movie "The Age of Stupid," this is an indication of a catastrophic and climatic vulnerability for human kind.

Inadequate Resources and Environmental Deterioration

The likely population increase is conceived to be a continuation of the climatic conditions deterioration. The TED talks and the movie presented dictate that there will be overexploitation and intense competition on the available resources. This will lead to the formulation of alternative measures in order to counter the aspect of inadequate resources for human consumption. As a result of this, it is expected that these alternative measures are likely to intensify the cause for climate deterioration that will worsen the human stay on earth and even lead to the extinction of essential existence and mass death (Clay, pg. 270-272).

Rapid Population Growth and Adverse Climate Changes

The rapid population growth is a sure way of increased actions that are going to lead to increased adverse climate changes. This is due to the predictable increase in production of carbon and other related effects to the environment (Randers). The technological aspiration to be employed in evading the likelihood of climatic deterioration are perceived to not only fail but escalate the concept of climatic effect.

Responsibility Towards Climate Change

It is therefore awake up call to the world to watch out their implications to the climatic change catastrophe. The movie, "The Age of Stupid" is a clear regression of the failed and ignorant lifestyles of human beings towards counter-climatic actions. The survivor Pete marvels at how this state of climatic change could have been avoided by informed actions that would shape the world. He regrets on behalf of humankind why the right actions had not been taken into account in order to come up with strategies that would have facilitated safe climatic maneuvers creating the world that would be safe to live on for centuries. He insists in his declaims that it was possible for human beings to avoid this state of conditions (Randers).

Protecting Humanity from Future Adversities

The movie and the TED talks point out to the humanity the numerous possibilities that can be applied to protect the human kind from the future adversities of climate change. With the rapid population growth expected in the future, it is likely that there will be stretching of the available resources forcing the human kind to critically over-exploit the exhaustible resources. It is expected that there will be mass climatic erosion due to aspects of desertification, flooding, burning of forests and drying up of ice from mountain tops all this negatively affecting human well-being and climatic conditions. This is associated with the technological alternatives as well which are considered to be perpetrators of adverse climatic change. It is therefore clear that population growth and the technological alternatives that are likely to be developed to counter climate change are major escalators to effects of climate deterioration (Clay, pg. 244). However, there is the assurance that, it is possible to work against this occurrence by acting responsibly towards the environment and likely climatic impacts as well as using appropriate technological alternatives that will help in evading adverse effects on climate.

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April 13, 2023
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