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People live in an era of advancing technologies in today's globalized environment. Any aspect of a person's daily life is connected to technology in some way. According to Atkinson, as opposed to earlier times, people now have better infrastructure and nice luxuries thanks to modern technologies (10). The advancement of technology in the world is not limited to a single sector; rather, diverse sectors and industries in society are developing technologies in response to their requirements and needs. However, technological innovation has had a number of impacts on people's lives. As a result, the paper aims to investigate how technology is not dumbing us down. Nowadays, information is vast, and accessibility to it is freer than before. To begin with, due to technology individuals can register a course at a university for free, as well as read open, accessible journals, where many of the best mathematics and physics in the globe is being done (Stein, et al. 523). Likewise, Atkinson claims that smarter technology has made persons more engaged and responsive (9). For instance, in India and Africa, government agencies direct out health cautions by texting individuals’ mobile phones (Stein, et al. 523). In Australia, local people have involved technologies for old things such as researching climate change, storytelling and in what way to recover their land. Consequently, an alteration of behavior does not sway the outcome. For instance, rather than reading a map while someone is lost, he/she just program a GPS application on the phone or in the car. From this, people are still just learning to carry out a duty with the similar end outcome, simply not in the manner; one may visualize. Moreover, when learning is being capable of doing a task after being trained that would not be prepared before, then people are not getting dumber but just replacing a behavior with the other.

Whereas there is plenty of emphasis in what manner technology negatively affects people’s cognitive abilities, it has as well made many of us smart in unanticipated ways. From Curinga point of view, some applications train persons to limit their time on mobile phones, like smart mattresses and moment that learn individuals sleep conducts to assist people to get a healthier night’s rest (41). Additionally, there exist wearable suitability trackers to get persons physically moving, as well as applications to flex human mental muscles, such as Personal Zen and Lumosity. There are even calculators that would not give the answer until one come up with an accurate ballpark figure. All these shows how smarter technology has made us.

Research of Atkinson has displayed that exercise tasks like games including Tetris and Simon can positively influence brain function and working memory, it appears that brainteaser applications are there to stay (10). Mind learning is less efficient over time; which Curinga argues that is inevitable as a result of decreased plasticity of human brain cells as people age (34). Through technology, people are more aware of the world. Youths who always play video sports and remark on conversation boards are more politically and civically engaged than their counterpart peers (Atkinson 9). He also added that multi-operator interfaces are greater for learning collaboration, whereas solo game-sporting rises independent reasoning. Therefore, persons should stick to processing speed and reasoning games for long-term benefits.

On the other hand, technology is making us dumb to some extent. With cognitive training, for instance, those offering other learning styles are good than others, many technology businesspersons are even integrating spatial learning in their programs. Curinga writes that smart technology is transforming people, and some changes are making us dumber (17). Similarly, most technology has a negative effect on many cognitive skills, such as in the learning realm.

Equally, Stein, et al. study of more than 2,500 High-school and middle-school teachers in National Writing Project and advanced placement classrooms discovered that teachers admitted that study on a computer monitor is highly distracting if compared to reading books (521). They further mention that approximately 88 percent stated that technology is producing a distracted generation in the world with little attention spans; however, 63 percent said smarter technology is working more to distract learners than to assist them academically. People are highly distracted by “silly status updates and viral cat videos than before. In the year 1999, the average U.S. attention span was found to be 12 seconds at the American State Library of Medicine (Curinga 20). But currently, that number has fallen to eight seconds. Research by Atkinson revealed that workers who multitasked, mainly, dividing their personal attention between other tasks and email, faced a 10-point drop in Intelligent Quotient (9).

In conclusion, technology has help in improving the lifestyle of people all over the world. These improvements are including globalization, aviation technology, adequate utilization of natural resources, learning online as well as reduced cost of buying information like newspapers. Despite the benefits of technology, it has also affected us negatively. For example, distractions when doing research on a computer screen and reduced attention span. In spite of technology’s negative effects, it is not making us dumber.

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May 04, 2022


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