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This course is intended for adult ESL students who want to hear about juvenile delinquency and how the criminal justice system works for juveniles. The course is tailored for adults who are on the go. For learners to excel in this course, they must be determined and willing to set aside the time necessary to cover all facets of the course within the time frame specified. Learners may have access to computers in order to prepare lectures and use electronic course materials. Students should be trained to study coping skills, the juvenile justice system, and child development hypotheses. Some of the learning goals for the students include proper understanding on the psychology of children, develop an appreciation of the corrective system for children and also develop negotiation skills.


This program will focus on various topics which will be prepared to cover the subject matter of the course. The following topics will be the major thematic areas of focus for the learners.

Communication skills with children

Child delinquency

The corrective system

Child development theories


The structure of the course shall be designed in a manner that takes into consideration the materials available for the tutorials as well as the time schedules. The course will take four weeks to complete, with two sessions in each. Each lesson shall take one and half hours. The following is a tabulated structure that shall be followed for the four weeks.















Assessments, presentations and reflections

For the first week, one lesson shall be utilized to welcome the students as well as introduce one another to the group. The second lesson for the first week shall be used to introduce the learners to the concepts and inform them on how the program shall be administered. In the second week, the tutor shall lecture the students, distribute the course materials and give them an opportunity to seek guidance on the areas that are not clear to them. In the third week, the learners shall have a chance to ask questions and receive answers through discussions. As such, the third week that entail interactive sessions for the learners. In the last week, the learners shall be tested on their understanding of the concepts.


This course will use various strategies to assist the learners to understand the concepts. The rationale of the strategies is based on the type of content continued in the course as well as the expected outcome at the end of the course. The first learning strategy is the use of discussions. It is essential to note that the subject matter of the course is based on human behaviors, which ought to be understood though the sharing of ideas and opinion from various perspectives. As such, interactions among the learners assist them to exchange their ideas on the various issues concerning the course.

The second learning strategy that will be employed in this course is assessment methods. At the end of every topic, the learners will be tested on their understanding of various concepts. The assessment is meant to ensure that students have a good grip of the taught concepts.


By the end of the course, all learners are expected to be proficient on the thematic areas that will be presented by the tutor. The learners are required to be up-to-date with the rest of the class. Any student who shall miss any class shall seek guidance from the tutor as well as other classmates. It is the intention of the organizers of the program that the learners shall be proficient on the topics that shall be administered to ensure that they receive the maximum benefit from the program. The following diagram should act as a guide to all learners for this program.

Learning Objectives


Tasks and Activities



Communication skills with children


Understanding deviant behavior among children

Child delinquency

Understanding the legal system for children

The corrective system for minors

Understanding child development

Child development theories

Sequence of learning activities

Introduction: In this section, learners shall be introduced to the course. Besides, the participants will have a chance to know one another, forming a basis for the subsequent interactive sessions that will be part of the course.

Lectures, distribution and explanation of the course content: In this section, the tutors will lecture the learners on the course content. It is in this section that the students will learn the concepts, ask questions on various issues as well as research on related topics.

Discussions- In this section, the learners will have interactive sessions where they will engage one another in reviewing the course content. The discussions will be organized on a topical basis and will be held on the question-answer format.

Assessment- In this section, the learners will be examined on their understanding of the course content. The tutor will offer an examination that will gauge the students and determine whether they have completed the course successfully.

Teaching Resources

The course will entail the use of both digital and printed materials to examine the content to learners. However, learners are encouraged to visit libraries in order to access additional resources that will be complimentary to the materials issued in class. The following resources will be used in the course of study:

Online journals





Students will be required to sit and pass a written examination. The assessment will cover all the topical areas that will have been taught in class. The examination will be administered in the second last session of the course. However, the students will be expected to meet the tutor for the last session after the examination to reflect on the entire course and review what they would have learnt from the entire program.

The assessment will also entail the making of presentations by the learners. The students will be given various topics to research on, and make their submissions by presenting their findings to the rest of the class. The presentations will be formatted in PowerPoint with speaker notes that explain their ideas. All students will be required to identify their area of interest and make submissions to the class. The tutor will award marks for the presentations for all learners that will participate.

The assessment will also be done in the form of class participation. All learners will be expected to be active in class, participate in discussions with their peers as well as ask and respond to questions asked throughout the session. The tutor will award marks to the learners for active participation.

Finally, the learners will be expected to write an essay on topical areas that cover the course content. The essays will gauge the learner’s ability to research and write on the assigned topics. In this assessment, learners will be tested on writing skills, presentation and expression of ideas. The tutor will also assess the learner’s understanding of concepts through the essays.

Review Sheet

The choice of learning materials for this course is based on the need to fulfill the aims of the course. In light of this, all materials for this course are important and should be used by all learners so as to have a good grip of the concepts. The following is a summary of the review of the course materials for this program.

The textbooks for this course have important information such as theories on the thematic areas. Most textbooks that are prescribed for this course address areas such as theories on child delinquency, criminal justice and the behavior of minors. For instance, the textbooks shall explain the various legal developments that have taken place to address the problems that parents face in administering discipline among their children. The materials also focus on the emerging issues in children behavior such as the introduction of the internet and technology, the abuse of drugs as well as criminal gangs.

The recordings, DVDs and the internet shall be used to show graphics and films on the major problems and crimes that children engage in, which result in prosecution by the authorities. The materials are obtained from different organizations that are concerned with correctional facilities and child development.

The proposed activities such as presentations are meant to equip the learners with skills such as communication and public address. It is essential to note that these skills are important as they assist them address these concerns at the community level. For instance, after the training, the learners are expected to use their skills to help transform the society by addressing the problems children face. As such, the learners are expected to be good ambassadors of behavioral change among children.

The collection of texts and other materials for this study will be based on the need for the learners to benefit from the perspective of various scholars and writers on the thematic areas of concern. The materials are important as they prepare the learners to develop a broader view of the concepts by reading the arguments of people from different backgrounds. The collection of texts from various sources is also a way of appreciation of the scholarly work conducted on this field. For this reason, the learners are required to go through the recommended readings and reflect on them and perform an assessment on their strengths and weaknesses.

The self-evaluation criterion for this course is covered in the reflection tasks. At the end of the course and assessment, the students shall be required to write a reflection on how the program has benefited them, as well as note the various areas that ought to be improved on. The self-evaluation task is important as it will also guide the tutors in determining their areas of strengths and weaknesses, thus forming the basis of further adjustments on the way the course is organized.

December 15, 2021
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