The American History

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The Achievement of Maryland and Virginia Colonies

The achievement of Maryland and Virginia colonies was made possible by the plurality of participants in terms of religion, ethnicity, and community, which aided in the formation of a solid social and cultural system. A solid capital base was therefore important for the development of the economies of the colonial states, and so it was regarded as important in the administration of the colonies. Religion was one of the most prominent traditions in Virginia, and it played an important part in uniting citizens and sensitizing them to their rights. Religion played a role as a communication channel hence citizens were always updated with the colonial government move (John, 2016).

The Establishment of Maryland Colony

The main reason for the establishment of Maryland colony was to allow the English Catholics to practice their religion without facing any persecution (John, 2016). The English Catholics suffered discrimination from others hence creating for them an environment to enjoy and practice their religion which was necessary at that moment. The establishment of the colony also had a business motive as the pioneers of the colony with their colleagues wanted to benefit from the rich minerals occupying different parts of Chesapeake Bay. This was so because the bay was occupied by the Native Americans who were not willing to let their land go and so the need to establish a colony of the English people succeeded (John, 2016).

The Role of North America in British Expansion

Additionally, England became a super power by 1500 and was competing for power with other European nations. On the other hand, British wanted to thrive economically and politically in Europe and the world by expanding their country into a great empire. North America gave them the opportunity and the resources to fulfill this ambition. All the European countries realized the great potential of the Chesapeake Bay. They realized the bay was rich in minerals and also fertile for farming and other economic activities had an opportunity to thrive. This led to the successful establishment of Maryland colony with use of diverse cultural and social background which helped in accomplishing this (John, 2016).

The Struggles Faced by British in Establishing a Colony

However, it was not easy for the British to establish a colony in North America. This is because it faced a series of struggles both politically and economically in order for it to adapt until the establishment of Virginia Company which made the establishment process a success (John, 2016). Virginia as a company gathered manpower to utilize the local resources of Chesapeake Bay and produced millions of tobacco tonnes which brought huge profits to the economy and made it able to fund most of its activities (John, 2016).

The Significance of Tobacco in Maryland and Virginia's Economies

In this regard tobacco was the main backbone of both Maryland and Virginia's economies (John, 2016). Both economies were able to thrive because of the efforts of the diverse cultural and social structure of their inhabitants who were determined and committed to farming in support to the economy of their respective colonies. The planters of tobacco relied on English workers especially young men who came into the colonies as indentured servants. The indentured servants or slaves from England who came into work in Maryland could not generate their income in the region hence became subsistence farmers to sustain themselves. This was to ensure the economy was stable hence the stability of the colonies (John, 2016).


In conclusion, the success of the two colonies was dependent on the ability to raise capital to fund its activities. Moreover, it is depicted clearly that the success of Virginia and Maryland colonies also was dependent on the social structure made of diverse groups of people and the opportunistic nature of those inhabiting the Chesapeake region (John, 2016).


John M. Fragher (2016): A History of the American People: Boston, Pearson.

November 03, 2022

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