The Blue Aisle and the Pink Aisle

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The Blue and Pink Toy Aisle Phenomenon

The blue aisle contains toys for boys and they are filled with the macho action figures, a wide variety of building set of blocks and weapons. On the other hand, Toys for girls are pink and they include dolls, princesses and stuffed animals. Both the cultural and social factors can best explain this phenomenon. These factors can be merged so as to bring about the sociocultural factor. These are larger forces within cultures and societies that affects thoughts, feelings and behaviors. These factors bring about certain attitudes towards certain issues and they also influence child rearing practices. Therefore, sociocultural factors will best explain the phenomenon above since they describe how and why the society reacts to certain issues.

Question 2

The specific factor is attitudes. Societal attitudes have mostly contributed to the blue/pink toy aisle phenomenon. This is because society has perceived women and girls as weaklings. Boys are perceived as able and are always given the first priority over the girls. These attitudes have really led to many gender based stereotypes. The challenge that was rampant was that of trying to break down the gender-based stereotypes. Author Melisa Atkins Wardy argued that, “you cannot create a toy meant to break down the stereotypes when you start off with the ideal that “we know all girls love princesses”. Those in the opposition to Goldie Box project called for toys that were gender-neutral. They also complained that Goldie Box toys are too simplistic.

Question 3

Bucking means to oppose or resist something. The Goldie Blox are opposing this phenomenon by raising awareness about lack of women in the technical and scientific fields and improving the issue associated with the traditional pink aisle among girly toys. Sterling tried to incorporate some building in girls’ competence in verbal skills. She came up with Goldie, a freckled-faced blonde girl toy. This toy had overalls and a tool belt. Although she came off as a bit tomboy, she’s still girlish. Their stories leverage girls advanced verbal skills to help them develop and build self confidence in their spatial skills.

Question 4

Yes. This is because through these toys, the self-confidence of girls in their spatial skills is increased.

No. this is because in as much as we try to break down the gender-based stereotypes, they’ll still exist in the society and this will discourage some girls from venturing into the engineering field.

Question 12-1


Customers dispersed geographically can be reached through advertising, which can be repeated for sometimes hence the popularity, the large-scale advertising enhances the size and success of the selling organization. The customers consider the advertising goods as most legitimate due to the public nature thus it is the fastest way to promote a product. Mission describes objectives for advertising. Money refers to the funds for the advertisement. Message refers to what the advertisement is all about. Media refers to the channel through which the advertisement is made, for example: via newspaper, television, magazine, etc. Measurement refers to checking the effectiveness of the advertisement.

Sales Promotions

Sales promotions in marketing describe an incentive strategy that is used by marketers to grow short term sales in the company. Promotions are often launched during trade and they are directed at the consumer. Most often they focus on advertising the product to develop a reason for purchasing the product. Therefore, they develop the desire to the customer to purchase through consumer incentives such as coupons, free demonstrations and trials as well as offering samples. Other incentives that can be offered include discounts, allowances, and free goods.

Personal Selling:

Personal selling is the most convenient tool for promoting products because there is personal interaction with the customer when selling a given product on the market. Customers can be explained to the characteristics of the product and take an immediate adjustment by providing extra time and attention on the product.

Public relations

Companies requires to constantly interact with their customers, stakeholders and employees and this can be only achieved by the public relations department. The public relations department in an organization handles press releases, creates and maintains the image of the firm and handles issues that are related to regulations and manages issues related to the public.

Direct marketing

Direct marketing is a tool used to deliver specific messages to the public. The messages can include services or product offerings given by the company. Communication is developed through direct channels and without the use of intermediaries hence saving time and making the customer experience interesting and personal. Direct marketing minimizes costs to the firm.

Question 12-5

Public relations tools describe marketing media tools used by companies such as business events, partnerships, social media and advertorials. Companies use media strategies to circulate messages through the various media channels hence improving their public image. Advertorials allow a firm to relate their advertising messages to the credibility of the newspaper. Social media is also a public relations tool. Internet and social media are very crucial for public relations because they help businesses to understand who their competitors are, how the business image looks and what are people saying about the business. It allows businesses to discover if there are any issues that need to be mended or improvements that can be made to the business name and brand. Posting business information on Facebook, twitter and Instagram really markets the business and makes it known to the world.

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