The Brand Development of Mandarin Oriental Hotel

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Mandarin Oriental hotel is among the companies that are listed in the Singapore stock exchange. It operates under the name Mandarin Oriental with exceedingly eleven thousand rooms that are under control (Alan & Maria, 2012). The company is widespread all over the world having 6 destinations in the United States. The major locations include;

Las Vegas

New York



Washington, D.C


To north Europe the company has its destinations in;









In addition to the above destinations, the company still does have destinations in all the major cities in Asia. The hotel covers a variety of products concentrated on the luxury commodities and runs its operations in most familiar places with the largest number of tourists (Cunningham, 1995).

Mandarin hotel runs 41 operational hotels and that makes a 10,000 representation of its rooms in 27 nations. It has eighteen hotels in Asia, 12 are situated in Europe and Northern parts of Africa while twelve are located in America. On top of that, the hotel has other locations that are under direct development in Mandarin Oriental that is linked to the group's assets. In Atlanta, Mandarin has 127 rooms all incorporated in a 42 storey building. From the 25th floor to the 42nd floor are the residents of the hotel who occupies where it manages the homes (Muir, 1953). It is located in Buckhead and borders Atlanta, Georgia. In Bangkok, the hotel comprises 358 rooms with thirty-five distinct suites.

Brand development of the Hotel

For the hotel to clearly articulate its individual luxury brand in a wider market perspective, it began to embrace an expansion trend that would help establish the ever winning brand in its major destinations and cities where it is located around the globe. In the year 1987, the hotel initiated its first asset in San Francisco and later they acquired the London flagship. At the start of the year 2000 the company initiated a halfway goal of establishing some rooms globally to an estimate of 10,000. This was to be attained by the hotel capitalizing on the management conformities and by the use of their brand history. The growth started in the same year when they purchased a group of hotels which in return improved on their portfolio in possession of the unique assets. The hotel as well made a completion on the deep renovation of the Mandarin Hyde Park. This was located in London and later it was ranked to be the best hotel in the city. To begin the process of implementing the spa ideas, the hotel launched a resort in Miami. Up to present the hotel's combination of spas from all over the globe does receive awards. Ahead of the other global hotels, Mandarin hotel is the only one with the 10 Forbes rating (Bodeker & Cohen, 2010).

At the end of 2003, iconic Mandarin Oriental was established in New York. This was one of the most exciting undertakings ever experienced. It was situated under a time warmer building. Above the New York hotel, the group launched residences. This gave the owners a chance to enjoy the luxurious moment at Mandarin Oriental. The group progressively expanded to the United States where it opened up Mandarin Oriental in Washington. The hotel continued to extend their area of coverage between the years 2006-2010 where more hotels were opened up in the United States. It was during the same period that the group began to expand their brand in China as they launched their first resort asset in Sanya. The group made some renovations on the several launched Asian properties. This was for them to have a reflection of their growing brand prominence.

In the year 2011, a superb property was developed in Paris at Rue St. Honore. This was an important location in relation to the Paris market. Another undertaking was rebranded in Atlanta in the year 2012. The brand expansion strategies did not stop there but in 2013 more hotels were started up in Shanghai and Guangzhou, China. On the same of starting operations, the hotel won the award of the Hot Hotel which forms one of the most valued awards in China. As part of the award-winning marketing campaign, the hotel made a grand celebration in Hong Kong. In attendance were the many Mandarin Oriental loyal clients and celebrities. In the year 2014, the hotel launched a brand luxury landmark resort in Taipei. It was accompanied by opening up of a beautifier resort in Turkey. To continue the brand development efforts the group launched up more luxury sites in Milan and Marrakech (Lam, Ho & Law 2015)

Currently, the hotel brand is positioned as the top global actor in luxury with its presence evidenced in all global cities and resort locations situated all over the world. The group now runs thirty-one hotels in 21 inter-boundaries. All these properties are run in accordance with the hotel's brand requirements. The unique locations as well help build on the brand image of the hotels globally thus gaining a competitive advantage (Go, Pine, & Yu, 1994). There is a deep network of hotels that are being developed currently as the brand team keeps on exploring new opportunities every single day. Mandarin Oriental has attached it residents to its award-winning taverns. All of the privately owned residents provide the owners with an immediate access to the hotels. They are as well served by a competent and quick responding management. As the company brand grows, they consistently invest in partners who give the required service and who keeps being the hotel's precious resource. Focusing on the future as the company is on the top developing its brand, the major objective is not just topping the globe as a major hotel but to be identified as a hotel that provides extraordinary hospitality services. This, in turn, will add on their brand image (Chan & Guillet, 2011)

In order for the hotel to operate up to its maximum, it developed some guiding principles towards ensuring brand standards. One is delighting the clients and they achieve this by ensuring every customer's need and wish is met. To maintain the brand standard, the hotel trains and develops its employees and colleagues (Kee & Gosh 1990). They also have a rewarding surrounding for all people. Emphasis is made on working together and handling each other in a respectful manner. Through this cooperation, the group stands to benefit in keeping its brand the best. Finally, the group ensures every person related to its operations acts responsibly as they embrace trust, just and honest. The group is infrequent support of measures that help improve and protect the environment.


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