The Breakfast Club interpersonal communication

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Numerous facets of human relationship values are envisioned in the characters of John Huges' 1985 cult classic, "The Breakfast Club." His main characters are five high school students who are sentenced to a full day of detention on a Saturday. Allison, John, Brian, Claire, and Andrew carry out their journey in a difficult situation. The author effectively employs communication principles to demonstrate organizational skills. In the case, each character in the play has distinct characteristics. The film's beginning is a memoir of a variety of cults and characters played by each individual. Bringing such huge characters together “a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal," all bets are off, and life gets real, quick! Here, I am going to highlight the significant aspects of communication principles in display reflected appraisal, stereotyping and self-disclosure portrayed by every character.

Although they are students in the same class and from the same school, Shermer, they do not have so much to share in common at the beginning. They do not associate within the classroom. However, the scene of detention brought them together only to realize that they have so much in common. Thus, the aspects of conformity and adherence to the authority are evident at the helm of the day's event.

The aspects of the stereotype are common in the play. Every individual in this setup faces a unique set of generalized perception. First, Brian is a typical example of stereotyped character in the contexts. He takes marijuana; an act that everyone else tends to think is a result of peer pressure influence. Besides, he is perceived to be under healthy and well-balanced diet because he comes from a stable family where his mother could continuously pack meals for him. Consequently, his actions portray an ordinary course of stereotyped aspects of interpersonal relationships in the events. From the ongoing endeavors, the characters perceive him to be brilliant and one who can assist in doing their essays. As skeptical as he tends to be, he makes questionable decisions in every event.

Moreover, reflected appraisal tends to take a scene in the play. The end of the movie marked a typical stage for all the players if they were under same supervision and instruction of the authority. In many instances, the way we believe others perceive us is the way we view ourselves. When members of the Breakfast Club are dropped off by their parents to report for detention Claire (princess) begins a conversation with her father stating, “I can’t believe you can’t get me out of this.” He, in turn, says, “just because you had plans to go shopping today, doesn’t make you defective.” Notably, Claire's narration to the father that saw the father lamenting about the situation makes her feel that it is not right to be punished for wrongdoings in the society. Stereotyped as the favorite daughter, she enjoys the wealth of her dad and thinks that her father's perceptions about her were the last logic in her life. She executes such character across the play. In a similar event, we can realize that she is egocentric and exposes narcissism in the play. She feels that her experience was underestimated. According to her, she is the most famous character in the play. Such events transpire in Brian's response to her “you’re so conceded Claire… you’re so full of yourself, why are you like that?” The events allow the mates to reveal her self-centeredness in the story. Therefore, she deserves to consider humility as a virtue for better relationships in future. Nonetheless, it is evident that her behaviors arise from lack of proper parenting by her parents especially the father, who always defended her from punishments.

John Bender is an epitome of the less fortunate in this society. Evidently, he has never enjoyed the privilege of being dropped by the parents. His family seems to harden his character through such acts as looking not to care about him, unlike his peers. The consequences of these actions become clear when he begins to portray inherent criminality. He ends up disclose a unique trait in his characters as one who can set others into problems. He tries to fix his friend, Brian in attempting to consign drugs down Brian’s slacks and escapes without facing the danger of being caught in the act.

As a result, Brian falls a victim of fundamental attribution errors which is a theory explaining someone’s behaviors by either crediting the person’s character or the position. Bender has an aggressive, freeloading and disrespectful nature. At home he is poorly handled and has to feed himself, he is also in constant verbal and physical abuse, and now in the detention, no one took the situation he has at home before attributing him to his disposition.

By the end of the film, the five students come out of their school society roles when comfortable to each other since the shared day had an equalizing aftermath on the team’s social structure. They were able to find common ground which was in shape to their complicated family life. Each person’s behavior can be attributed to the psychological concepts which varied indicating differences between people and the home environment towards their actions. The way they were all raised creates a debate of nurture vs. nature. Sometimes we tend to see people and label them in our mind in ways different to which they are, and we may end up giving them nicknames.

From the discussions, we can understand the various aspect of interpersonal communication and how they affect individual in the society. Brian is a victim of the circumstances. He is also a villain of the regular events as the smartest brain behind the essay among the class member.

January 05, 2023

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