The catholic church

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More than four centuries have passed since the founding of the catholic church. Since he is without a doubt the one who formally ratifies Catholic dogma into law, the Pope has always been the head of the Catholics. The conflict between the church and its adherents is illustrated by the article The Consequences of Papal Teaching: Frustration and Tears. The article provides information on the attitudes of the papal hierarchy against the use of artificial birth control. They saw this as a sin that people need to abjure. Yet, the couples had a different reaction because it had an impact on their union. I agree with the people that families require artificial birth controls for many reasons one being the dynamism in the current world require modification or change from the church from time to time.

One of the reasons is that the church needs to respect its worshippers. The leaders have always acted as the sole stakeholders. For example Martin Luther King was responsible for the break of the early church to Catholics and protestant being the leader of the later. The reason was the leadership then. This is an example of what happens when leaders do not respect its worshippers. For birth controls, many people needed to use it for sexual satisfaction in their families. The strain of ‘practicing rhythm’ was affecting the spontaneous love making process. As such, it was killing marriages slowly.

Marriage is a sacred union between two individuals. It is their life and any issue should be solved by the two. A husband and a wife plan for the children that they should have and how they should space them. The interference from the church can be seen as a foreign party. They have no part in it in that any problem can only be felt by the two and not the church. Giving the power to the Papal leadership is wrong because most of the Reverends and Fathers do not have families. They have vowed not to marry as required by the church. It is therefore wrong to allow people that do not have spouses or children to discuss matters pertaining fatherhood and motherhood. They do not have the touch with such matters and most only argue without the proper knowledge or experience of the struggles these people undergo. I think that they should have at first brought parents to discuss the issue.

I can argue that the church is selfish in their way of leading its people. What the worshippers wanted was to only control the birth of their children and forego giving birth completely. It is known that having many children can be a burden to families. In the third world, this can be seen by the starving families. Many of them have more than three children as seen from the news and various magazines. The papal arguments are weak and uncalled for due to the strain children are o the parents both emotionally and physically.

In conclusion, artificial birth controls should not be a sin to the people. The church should be clearly be defined and it should not be a hindrance to family. The worshippers need to be respected by the church. They are the backbone of the church and without them, it does not exist. Marriage should be a problem for two people and not susceptible to interference from church leadership. The church should also stop being selfish by only recognizing their agendas. They should be free and also understand the other parties. I still think that the church has too much influence on the people and power over them. I am hopeful that this can be reduced slowly to allow freedom from the people.

May 24, 2023

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