The Causes of Stress in Students

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One way that I can cause stress to my father is by producing poor academic performance at school. It’s the parent’s responsibility to pay tuition and accommodation fees for their children. Therefore, my father is concerned with my academic achievement because my commitment which is reflected in the performance worries him. Secondly, my extra financial requirements might cause stress to my father. Sometimes, parent’s income might not be enough to meet family and additional needs a fact that parents tend to hide from their children. They are not ready to open up to me and prefer suffering in silence. The third way that I can stress my father is by defying his advice and instructions.

The stress I cause to my parents can be reduced in multiple ways. One, I need to work hard in school so that I enhance my performance. Secondly, there is need to limit personal requirement to the fundamental needs only. By reducing demands, my parents will have less financial pressure. Lastly, listening and obeying my parent’s guidance is crucial in lowering parent’s stress.

Friend (close friend)

When an individual is stressed up in life, there is a possibility that the effect of that stressor will extend to the person’s closest friend. My friend is concerned about my well-being and if I act wildly without telling him the reason is a way of stressing him. Similarly, a friend will be stressed if he/she sees a colleague go through hard situations in life. In cases where he/she cannot offer any help, it is likely that a friend will experience increased stress. The third way that I can stress my best friend is when I become less supportive. Considering how he has been favorable to me throughout the years, he expects me to be at his help whenever he is in trouble as a way of appreciating our friendship.

The above sources of stress can be mitigated by ensuring that friendship goals are entirely met. First, I need to be free with my friend on matters that affect me and seek his support whenever I need help. This approach will help avoid excessive concerns about each other’s situation. Additionally, I must be ready to provide support to a friend anytime he needs help. Therefore, sharing of information and being available for each other are the two practical ways I should use to avoid stressing my friend.

Anyone else (Fellow student)

In school learning environment, stress triggers in most cases are internal because the serene nature of the surroundings prevent any form of external stressors. However, a fellow students can also be a source of stress triggers in multiple ways. One way that I can cause stress to a fellow student is by making noise and disturbing them when they are reading. Secondly, indecent dressing and unethical behaviors like bullying can be a source of stress to classmates. There is a likelihood that the incivility will obstruct the learning process. Thirdly, arriving late for class causes stress to fellow students.

The above ways of causing stress to a fellow student can be reduced in the future by ensuring that civility in school is upheld at all times. The school management must ensure that there are policies that regulate student’s behavior in and out of class. Secondly, students should be taught the importance of adhering to school rules which prohibit disturbing other students and late arrival to class.


Greenberg, J. (2006). Comprehensive stress management (9th ed.). New York: McGraw Hill.

October 30, 2023

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