The Christian gospel

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In contemporary culture

In contemporary culture, the Christian gospel is frequently viewed in a variety of ways. One is that it cannot be the exclusive path to paradise, which makes it offensive. Today's culture affirms that there are numerous paths leading to paradise. The gospel is conceited because it thinks it is the only truth, which is something that modern culture doesn't value.

Various ethical reasons for rejection

There are various ethical reasons why people reject the message of Christianity. One is that it establishes the sexuality of the society. In addition to endorsing it, it calls homosexuality sinful. Another ethical justification for people to reject Christianity is religious hypocrisy. Being a Christian alone does not imply living a morally superior life. People also reject Christianity due to emotional reasons. The fact that God doesn't answer prayers in time of need like in the case of terminally ill patients makes people reject the idea that God exists. The emotional desperation causes people to question if Christianity is true. Being hurt by a Christian also makes people reject Christianity.

Intellectual reasons for rejection

Other people also offer their intellectual reasons for rejecting Christianity. In their view, science and Christianity do not support each other. These individuals require evidence to believe in Christianity. The gospel in the Bible cannot be proven to make people reject Christianity. Their view of faith is incompatible with Christianity.

Addressing the objections

Despite all these reasons for rejection, Christians can do a lot to address them. Christians need to be accommodative of other people especially the lesbian and homosexuals by reasoning out with them. Being intentional and firm in what they believe in will make the nonbelievers want to convert to Christianity. By being true to their beliefs is another way to address the objections.

April 13, 2023

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