The Dog Foster Community

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A Community and its Types

A community is made up of individuals who have a lot in common and mingle in the same geographical area. There are neighbourhoods of various types. Some examples of communities are hobbies and other interest-based communities, experience-based communities, ownership-based communities amongst others. Fosters are quick examples of hobbies-based communities. Fosters are persons in the community who chose to spend entire life taking care of pets and, in these case, dogs. Categorizing a society is performed in three ways, that is as stiff, weak, or as a mixture of both, strong and weak. The essay discusses the dog foster community and the challenges that foster faces in view of either the problems being a strength, weakness, or a mixture of both.

Strengths of Fostering in the Community

Fostering is a strength to the community. Fostering provides the pet with excellent chances for socialization, and the foster also becomes proud and passionate about the services offered. Fostering makes individuals in the society feel a sense of accomplishment and happy for the difference made. The dedication is crucial to both, the pet and the individual, as fostering shows compassion that only a few people in the community can have. Fostering binds the pets and people in a community together. Foster homes in the neighbourhood also provide better environments for the young pets to build the immune system as well as help fight diseases. Fostering is a strength when fostering parents educate children on how to be responsible. People help animals by taking care of pets because of the need to study the pet patterns of living.

Weaknesses of Fostering in the Community

Fostering has weaknesses. When the pet is small and new to the fostering environment, the pet nets maximum attention for medication and adoption to facilitate a free social behaviour in the forever home. The utmost care means that foster has to be around all the time, hence cannot run other activities that might require the attention of the foster. Fostering, therefore, needs devotion of time caring for the pets. Fostering also enables pets to become more social. Hence, pets fit into the community fast enough. The population provides the home for the adopted pets as the pets interact and socialize freely with persons in the society. The foster parents have to attend events with the pets where counselling and applications for adoption happen. Failure to attend is a weakness, and there is no toleration of lateness as it is disrespect to the pets, potential adopters, and other foster parents. Fostering of orphaned pets in the community requires grooming and close monitoring of pet's progress. The other weakness in the society is when a foster fails to maintain a high hygiene profile by cleaning, using agents to remove odours brought about by the pets.

Benefits of Fostering in the Community

Fostering increases the exposure of pets to the public life of people in the community when the pets stay long. Adopting of pets by the population is due to the exposure enabling the pets to gain increased training. Adoption of pets is open to any individual in the community who is willing to foster. Fostering is vital in the following ways. It enables all pets to reach the proper maturity and get socialization opportunities for adoption in the community. Fostering also increases the adoption of pets with no history through determining the behavioural patterns, observation, and training in a home environment. Fostering increases the likelihood of a good match with the animal and a permanent home by telling more about the pet's personality and features. Preventing the community from pet's diseases is vital, for example from rabies virus. Rabies transmission is performed by contacting saliva of the pet. The prevention is done through vaccination of the pets. The community should be ready to provide room for interaction with the pets after adoption. The interaction gives the pets a better chance to socialize and be quick in adapting to the new lifetime home.

Mixed Strengths and Weaknesses of Fostering

One of the mixed strength and weakness is when the pets have issues with adapting to the new environments in the community. Adoption issues become a weakness as the pet will take too long and fail to interact with more people. Adoption issues are also a strength and allow the pet to have a gradual adaptation to the new community. Fostering takes a lot of courage and dedication as enough finances to foster pets is a necessity. Fostering comes with some mixed strength and weaknesses, as the foster has to incur several losses to repair what the pets damage, for example, knocking down the television sets and dirtying the mats. At the same time, it is a strength as the service rendered to support the growth and development of a pet is commendable. The other weakness of fostering in the community is extra care needs to be taken at home to prevent the pets from causing accidents in the kitchen, living room, garages, bedrooms, and all other potentially dangerous spots. In case potential adopter cannot adopt a pet because it fails to meet the criteria for examining then it is a mixed category of strength and weakness. The failure might be due to the different environments from the one the pets are used to in the community.


To conclude, foster parenting of pets is critical as it helps improve the number of healthy pets that survives to growth. A higher number of people in the communities should be encouraged to take part in this vital practice by showing empathy to animals. Fostering in a community has strengths, like enabling both, the pet and the foster, achieve a goal. The pet gets a better environment for growth, while the foster feels great at heart for making a difference in a pet's life. However, experiencing some weaknesses in the process of fostering happens. For example, a lot of money are required to facilitate the grooming, treatment, and cleaning some of the messes caused by the pets in the households, for example, breaking of television sets. There are also some mixed categories in the foster community. Diverse types happen when strength is at the same time a weakness. For example, saving the life of pets is vital, but again by failing to vaccinate the same pets, rabies through the saliva can be caused. Pets deserve a better life, and so treating pets' right is essential and should come from the heart. The service makes an invaluable difference in a pet's life through the foster care. Foster parenting enables pets to get homes forever through acceptance by potential adopters who meet the criteria for approval in the community.

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August 21, 2023

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